Am Giving Up On Love For A Bit

In a few ways, it makes me sad to say that, it's a weird thing to announce but it's something I'm holding myself to. I did a post a good couple of months ago talking all about love the issues of not finding the right person and all that. But since then I've come to the conclusions that I don't think am looking for the right thing and finding someone isn't ideal for me right now. 

I deleted all the dating apps back in November and I had been speaking to someone and going on dates up until February. The day before Valentines in fact, then I asked if it would be going any further and got hit with the let's just be mates line. I struggled to shrug this off and carry on for a bit and at first, I thought oh it's natural it's happened before and I'll get over it soon. But there was something about different, I think because we had got so close to being something it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on me, I got on with the person so well and I'd …

Don't We All Love A Bit Of Change

Now change, it happens, life happens. You'd be surprised how often things change around us, from the adverts you see to the new menus that get released. Change happens all the time but we sometimes have such a hard time adjusting to it. Whether it's moving house or moving out, to even starting a new job or college change is really such a weird thing. I didn't experience the change at first, well at least I didn't think so. What I notice now that I look back on moving out for uni, making new friends, and just my life now compared to 2-3 years ago. I realise that the actual change doesn't shock me and if anything I welcome it, but it's the anticipation that leads up to it and all the uncertainty that makes me wanna put everything on pause and hide. 
And it's natural, in fact most people feel like that but it can be such an isolating thing to feel. For me anyway, I am a big dweller. I worry a lot about what will happen and what I can and can't control, even…

Ever Wanted To Track Your Sleep

The title is as weird as this post is going to be, yep you read that right I wanted to track my sleep and after 5 minutes of scrolling free apps in the app store I found one and spent the next week tracking my sleep. There's a bit of rationale for this further down this wormhole of a post, but first can I just say that not enough people understand the importance of sleep. From sleep hygiene, to your rhythms of sleep and when it's best to sleep. There's a whole sector full of stuff all about sleep, ironically once you start reading into it you actually become very awake, wee bit ironic there. 

So basically I don't sleep great, I have on and off weeks where I sleep through great but there's a lot of times and especially a LOT of the time at the moment where am averaging on and off sleep of about 5 hours. It's a mix of wake up at random points of the night and feeling like I need another 12 hours. To waking up feeling like am refreshed and ready for the day after 2…

How To Make That Thrift Shop Trip Fit Your Wardrobe

If you gave my previous post a read, you'll know I want to stop buying into fast fashion. I'm putting myself on a ban and only buying clothes I really need. Which isn't really that often, when I have wanted to get something am making sure I check out thrift and charity shops first. I remember when I first started looking around charity and thrift shops, I always would struggle to imagine them in my wardrobe. I often bought stuff thinking it would work but it'd end up stuck in the wardrobe until I had the time to go and donate it to another charity shop. So to combat this vicious cycle, I did a few little preparation bits so that the next time I walk into a shop I know if it will fit in with my regular wardrobe. 

The first thing I did was actually look at my wardrobe, sounds daft but you don't realise what you have until it's right there in front of you. Whether it's on a hanger or in the bottom of the wardrobe scrunched up in the corner. By doing this, I got…

Why I Want To Stop Buying Fast Fashion

It's almost become an essential as a blogger to constantly have new stuff in, people get bored of hearing about the same old and there always has to be something new on the scene. Although we're creatures of habit there's something exciting about getting something new. I remember about a year ago, I was ordering stuff constantly and never really getting my wear out of them. There was a lot of stuff I just never worn and I think I bought them because why not, it was in fashion and was something everyone else had and I kinda bought into it through that. It became a very expensive and wasteful time and with the number of clothes that are now wasted it got me thinking.

Fast fashion is on the rise and more and more people are getting involved, companies are banking on this and although it's great to have the new thing in it's not great to consistently be purchasing clothes that we don't wear enough. I realised when I started getting more into getting photos done and …

So You Got Hit With The Let's Be Friends Text

Yeah, that notification was right, that message is correct and no matter how much you wish it wasn't it is babe. It's a shit thing to go through, getting feelings for someone for them to turn round and just want to be friends, I think when it comes to sitting yourself down and understanding why it hurts, I think the worst thing is neither of you has control over it. I'll admit that I've taken my heartache out on the person before, but the more times it happens and the more times I sit myself down and think about it, it really is just luck in some sense. 

At the time of me writing this, am in a conflict of feelings with someone. I wish I had actually taken the advice am about to give you. Especially the last one, to anyone reading this who told me they just wanted to be mates the ice cream I had to help was really nice thanks x 

You can never change anyones feelings, nor should you try and change your own for someone else. It's hard to accept that your feelings aren&#…

What Have You Done This Year? Let's Have A Chat

It feels a bit weird to sit down mid February and start talking about my goals for the year, realistically I've been planning all this since December. But instead of the typical new year new resolution posts, I wanted to actually put my resolutions to the test and see if I've actually been ticking them off two months into the year. I decided to create a load of different goals, and it's been quite eye opening to see how many I've been even close to doing.

My wellbeing was at the top of the list, I really wanted to make sure I took care of myself and you know what. I'm actually doing pretty good at it, I've had a lot of slip ups and at the moment I'm not in the best place, but I've been taking out more time for me and allowing myself to relax more when I can. This resolution will be put to the test later on, when deadlines get closer and it all becomes more intense. But so far am doing good, and am getting better at managing my wellbeing.

Stay off socia…