Avon Colortrend Foundation : Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product from Avon this is there Colortrend foundation , I picked this foundation up quite a while ago and have tried this foundation so many times in hope that it would improve , so allow me to give my opinion. 

This product is quite shocking really due to many reasons such as : 

-The shade range is just poor - I sadly wasn't able to find a shade that was perfect for me so I had to blend two of their foundations.

-They aren't easily blended - this foundation is quite hard to blend as it never looks like a natural skin tone is just looks to fake and makes it look too obvious that you are wearing foundation.
-They smell awful - now I know that its the product I should be reviewing and not the smell but it does smell just awful and just doesn't interest me at all to try this product again.

Overall I am not a huge fan this foundation just does not cut it for me I just don't find it easy to work with at all.