Barry M Gelly Lips 1 Vega Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product that came out quite a while ago from Barry M its their Gelly lips which is meant to be part of their 'gelly' range that they are doing. As I was quite impressed with the nail polishes I decided to try out their lip product. 

I bought this in the shade 'Vega' as its quite a dark burgundy. First of all its super glossy which is just so amazing as it stays glossy for quite a few hours. Another bonus is that it is quite moisturizing and doesn't dry my lips out. 

Also you can wear this alone or with another lipstick however I personally prefer it by itself as it can be a bit heavy if you pair with lipstick. The pigmentation is really good as well it looks so nice and slightly close to the Rimmel Apocalips in regards to the amount of gloss and the pigmentation. 

I honestly think this is one of the best lip products by Barry M as I find their gloss wands great but compared to this the Gelly crayon is definitely better in some many ways.They come in 5 shades ranging from quite a bright pink to a burgundy.I find this shade range to be quite good but I think it would be better if they included a nude shade. 

Overall I am a massive fan of these and will definitely be buying the rest of them and hope to be using them quite a lot. 

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