Boots Tea Tree And Witch Hazel Spot Wand

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing a product that is now a daily requirement for me which is the Boots tea tree and witch hazel spot wand this is a cream that you apply day and night (certain creams for day and night) I apply this only onto spots that are appearing or are already there tormenting me constantly. 

First of all lets talk about the price , this product retails for £3.59 which honestly isn't bad as most of there products (to help spots) are around that price.Secondly this product does last for quite a long time , I bought mine at the beginning of February and I have around a quarter left so it does last for quite some time. 

Thirdly I find this product to work ok I wouldn't use this if you want the spot to disappear fully overnight but it is good if you want to help reduce the spot and eventually get rid of the spot.The product actually dries quite quickly which is a bonus for me as I normally apply this the minute before I go to sleep. 

However this product can actually be quite drying if you apply it a lot (which I do) but don't moisturize .It can be quite bad on the skin which is one of the reasons why I am quite skeptical over products like this.

Before I summarize I have one disadvantage that I really hate and that is the applicator as it is quite unhygienic when you think about it because you are applying the cream then taking the germs off the spot then placing them into the tube then applying that to another spot . I mean doesn't that sound a bit unhygienic 

Overall I am really sort of 'on the fence' , which is basically where I really do like the product as it works but yet it does have a few disadvantages which makes me a bit unsure on my overall opinion of this product. 

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