Cyclax Lavender and Tea tree facial mask : Review

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing a product by a brand I have never heard of called "Cyclax" this brand does a variety of facial masks and other products. But today I am going to be reviewing one of their products which is their Lavender and Tea tree facial mask. 

This facial mask it meant to clarify the skin and leave the skin feel smooth and polished. Honestly it does this and much much more , this product is just amazing . The scent you get is just sensational its not too strong which is a must have thing for me personally. 
 The application is amazing as well it doesn't stick to your hands and does not take forever for it to work which is great if say you only have a few minutes to relax then this is one of the best things to use.

I use this product once a week this is so I can make my skin feeling soft and help maintaining good skin. 

Overall I really like this products its really convenient and doesn't require a lot of time which is always a plus for me.