MAC Gently Off Eye And Lip Makeup Remover Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product I did not expect to be bad considering it is from one of the most popular makeup brands , its the Mac gently off eye and lip makeup remover. I decided to get this as I wanted to see what it was like and honestly I wished I hadn't. 

The first time I tried this it was ok but after my first use I was disappointed first of all half of the liquid settles in the middle and just looks odd which surprises me. When I take my makeup off with this it leaves a really weird residue and does not take off my make up fully whereas my Garnier micellar water does this is why I really do not recommend this product. 

What I will say is that even after quite a lot of attempts I just can not like this product I mean it does get off a bit of my makeup but not a lot which is quite disappointing. 

Overall I do not recommend this product at all in fact I do not think it should be sold , however I will use it if maybe I only have a tiny bit of make-up and just want to use the product up.