Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liner Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product I picked up from Superdrug quite a while back , now I am not really an eyeliner type of person as I have never really had the patience and decided that I would try this product. 

The design is quite nice and the brush isn't thick and does not clump , it is also quite an extreme black which is good as some eye liners can go grey or smudge and fade slightly. This is quite good for making a cat eye look as well as just general swatching , I don't personally use this product myself I mostly use it on friends and its quite a good product and the fact that it is only £2.79 I would never complain. 

Overall I love this product I really think this is one of the little gems that you find within cheaper brands , the fact that this product is so cheap honestly surprises me as the product is just so good.  

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