My Makeup For Beginners Kit

Hello everyone

Today's post is going to be a bit different as I have decided to show you all what I would say is the essentials for makeup beginners. 

Now these products are all inexpensive and they are all brands that you can get in drugstores so the first thing is :

Primer , this is the Rimmel fix and protect primer which is honestly the best for beginners as it helps smooth the face and make the face look so nice also it is only £6.99 which is not bad at all 

Foundation : Now this foundation is one that is my personal favourite which is the Rimmel match perfection foundation which is just amazing as it glides onto the face so nice and looks great on the skin. 

Powder : The powder that I suggest is the Rimmel (Rimmel theme going on) stay matte powder this powder is amazing as it stays on the face and works nicely with foundation also which is a major thing is that it never goes cakey which quite a few powders I have had in the past have done. 

Mascara: My recommended mascara has to be the Rimmel Retro glam mascara this mascara gives such a nice finish and makes the lashes look so nice and perfect and they have that slight false lash effect which I know quite a lot of people like. 

Lips: For lipstick I recommend the MUA lipsticks as for £1 you really do get an amazing product also there is such a variety of colors which just makes it better. Then for lipgloss I recommend Barry M's lipglosses as they are so creamy and they smell amazing which is always a bonus. 

Overall that's it I have tried to stick to the same brands to make it easier , I will be linking each product down below.