Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product by Rimmel its a primer that they brought out quite a while back that is meant to help keep skin smooth and maintained.

Now I personally think primers are best for when your face is a bit on the rough side so it wasn't a shock that I picked this up. 

Honestly its amazing I never have been disappointed by Rimmel its just their eye shadows that I feel let the brand down but any way that's for another post. So this product is just amazing it makes the skin so soft and smooth that applying makeup just gets so much easier I actually am so glad that I got this product. 

I know there is this whole debate about the use of primers and that we don't know what we are putting on but honestly people wouldn't use primers if they didn't think they were right, also when I first heard about primers I was pretty skeptical just because I didn't quite understand what they did but honestly I don't care whats in them they make my skin feel so soft and smooth I honestly couldn't care less. 

This product is also a massive value for money as it is normally on sale for £6.99 but is on offer for about £4.99 at times. This product is great for if your just starting with makeup and don't really want to venture out into the massive brands such as benefit or Mac. 

Overall I am a massive fan of this product and just Rimmel in general and just hope that there is more amazing products to be released soon ! 

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