Soap And Glory Flake Away Body Polish Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am reviewing yet another product by Soap and Glory , this is their Flake away scrub that helps to get rid of dead skin and to help the skin smell so nice.I normally use this about once a week after I have a shower , I don't really have dead skin I just have dead skin from time to time and this helps smooth  out the skin. 

The smell of this is just amazing it reminds me so much of their 'hand food' hand cream the scent is just so nice. The scent is actually quite relaxing which is why I like to use it just before I go to sleep as it helps me relax just before I am going to sleep. 

What is definitely

nice about the product is the fact that it doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky and weird it just washes off nicely and make my skin smell amazing. 

Overall I love this product and hope that other people do , if people do like this product then comment down below and if anyone has any suggestions on any other products I should try then please feel free to comment. 

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