My Goals Til The End Of The Year

WOO, I'm back, it feels weird having a bit of a break. But in all honesty it was very overdue, I'm the kind of person that finds themselves running on empty quite a bit. It's something I don't want to be like obviously, but I'm very much an 'oh well I'll find time for a break later on' rather than at the moment when I need it. It's not exactly been a relaxing sit around do nothing, it's been more of a right I have a new job so my attention needs to be on that, I'm in the world of 9-5 so it's taken me some time to find my feet and get settled into the new routine. 

But I feel like I've got there now, I actually do 7 hours a day so my trick to combat that is to do add an extra hour onto my day to go to a cute cafe and get some blog posts done. And with that, I wanted to set myself some goals so that this break and time to think was for more than my return post. My blog has been very up and down over the years, it's had an up and dow…

Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating Mask Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am reviewing a product that honestly is one of the best face masks I have ever tried. This product is the Superdrug superfruits exfoliating face mask. I bought this face mask as I was really curious about the things that the product offers. 

This face mask contains cranberry and blueberry extracts which work to help cleanse and purify pores and the strawberry seeds gently exfoliate the skin to leave the skin feel soft and smooth. This product is perfect for me as I have quite bad pores at times but using this mask definitely helps. 

First of all the smell , its just sensational it makes me want to smell the packet forever . Secondly I absolutely love the application as it is easy to apply and doesn't stick to everything which is a problem for most face masks and finally the waiting time for it to be ready is not long at all in fact it only takes about 15 minutes which is good (just as a notice the mask is ready when the whole thing turns white.)

After applying this mask you can notice the difference withing seconds which actually surprised me , my skin always feels so soft and my skin looks better and my pores as reduced by quite a bit. I have also noticed that this has helped a bit with my spots as it deeply cleanses my skin which has helped reduce the amount of spots I get, 

I honestly suggest this face mask to anyone it is so good and for only 99p I was really impressed as at first I thought this would be a bad product and didn't really feel enthusiastic at first before trying this but now I completely feel like this is one of the best face masks I have ever tried and hope that their other face masks are just as good. 

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