Technic Complete Brow Kit : Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be giving a positive review (finally !) on a product I honestly didn't expect to like this product but it is currently a favorite of mine , this is the Technic complete brow kit that comes with three brow shades a small brow brush and a small brow primer. This kit has an excellent shade of colors averaging from fairly light to an average brown and then quite a dark brown shade. I personally use the middle shade (average brown) as it is perfect for the color that my hair is at the moment as my hair is quite dark at the moment. 

This product does last for ages and doesn't smudge or disappear like a few brow products that I have tried in the past , also the color doesn't fade and stays the exact same color throughout the day which is something I didn't expect for something so cheap.

The shades are highly pigmented as well which to me is just amazing.Its just so surprising that a product so cheap works so much better then more expensive ones I have tried in the past.

Overall I love this product and was really impressed by just how good this product is . This has no made me want to try out the rest of the Technic range, which I will review once I have my full thoughts. This product is available from a website I will link below which is priced at around £2.99


  1. thanks for the review i will be trying this out :)