Topshop Lipstick (Nevada) Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product I have been loving for quite a while this is a lipstick by Topshop in the shade (Nevada) this is quite a pale nude. I picked this up from Topshop quite a while ago for about £8 which surprised me at first as I was expecting it to be more as it is from Topshop. 

First of all lets talk about the pigmentation , its flawless I could not fault this product at all. The smell is incredible and it does last for about 2-3 hours which I personally think is better.

In all honesty I am not a lipstick person , its very rare that I will actually wear a lipstick but I am trying to wear them more often. I really think that for the price this lipstick is good but I personally prefer the Rimmel ones as they seem to just be nicer overall. 

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