Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray Review

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be reviewing a product by Avon , its their fast drying liquid spray for nails. Now I bought this quite a while ago as I was intrigued by how it apparently helps dry your nails quicker. 

First of all this product is just weird because when you spray it onto the nails it leaves my hands and fingers feeling rather greasy which isn't helpful neither appealing. Also when I applied it I found considering I had heard some decent things about this. that it gave quite an awful shine on my nails and didn't really make them look nice which is quite disappointing. If I am being honest personally I think ruins my nails which I didn't expect 

The smell of the product is quite nice its that generic sort of floral like scent that you get in most products like this, but I still find this product quite disappointing regardless of the smell. Now the drying bit , I find that this doesn't help them dry at all if anything it just adds an awful shine and makes fingers and hands oily. 

I personally do not like this product I think this is one of the products that most people will love but others like me find just not amazing at all , I would love to be able to find something positive about this product but honestly its just shocking. However the price is not as bad as it is on offer for £3 which I think is fairly reasonable. 

Overall I am not a fan and I just wish that I could like this product as it sounds like such a good idea however it leaves a horrible shine and make my hands feel oily and for them reasons I just cannot say this product is good. If someone does try this product and likes it please let me know as I will be highly intrigued on how you found it. 

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  1. Hi I felt the same way when I tried this , finally someone else sees it :)

  2. Haha I hoped that someone else understood what I meant and felt the same way ! :) x