Beautique Cosmetics 14pc Nail Library Review

Hello everyone

So Today's post is a bit late as I was meant to upload this yesterday but I was really busy however it did give me a bit more time to take a few photos of the amazing collection I am about to show you all.

So at Christmas I was given a nail polish set that I wasn't really expecting much from as I had tried the other makeup products the brand had and found them to be very disappointing. Now I don't believe in the fact that if anything is too cheap it won't work because I have found so many things that are absolutely amazing and have next to nothing for. 

So the collection consists of 14 nail polishes which consist of :
-4 Glitter colors
-4 Metallic like colors
-6 average colors ( ranging from a pale pink to a very dark red.)

Now the first thing I will mention is the bottles as you can see the bottles are tiny which I actually prefer to the average size nail polish as they are easier to store and I think personally look cuter. Now the nail polishes are brilliant but I wan't to explain fully why so. 

The Glitter polishes , now I decided to give these a go as I was really curious to see if these would be the type of glitter nail polish that is meant to be an overcoat for a normal nail but no these nail polishes are for wear on their own they have such a good amount of glitter in them and the glitter doesn't glide around everywhere when you apply it , they just sit nicely and look beautiful. 

The Metallic's , now I was really excited for these as I had never really had any metallic's that actually looked nice not only in the bottle but on the nails which was something I found with these , they have such a nice color to them and they don't fade out or run which is something I was really surprised with. 

The Average colors , now I don't think I am giving these enough amount of glory from just calling them 'average' but honestly they are so good I found that they are such beautiful colors that apply nicely and look nice with anything. They also have such a huge amount of shine to them which I didn't really expect. I actually find these to be similar to the Barry M 'Gelly' polishes due to the amount of shine and that sort of 'gel' effect they give off. 

I would have to say that my favorite by far has to be this little teal one , I find this is such a nice color and is quite different to the rest in the collection. And considering the fact that its spring I find this to be such a good color to suit the current season.

The only thing I would say is that these need a little bit of drying time (2-3 minutes at the most) but they are such good products and such a value for money as they retail for £2.99 which is the normal cost of buying one nail varnish whereas for this price you get 14 amazing quality polishes. 

Overall I think you can see that I love this nail polishes and will be trying to maybe take some pictures of all the colors on my nails in the future as I hope to be using these when it's summer. 

P.s I do apologize that this was uploaded a day late but I will definetly be posting tomorrow about my mini Spring Boots haul ! 

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