Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am going to be reviewing a product from Bourjois , its their bronzing powder. I picked this up about two months ago from boots as I wanted to start to venture out to bronzers more. This product caught my eye due to the packaging and you will understand why in a minute. 

It looks like a chocolate bar like seriously when I saw this I immediately picked it up the fact that the packaging is so different to any other blusher I have ever seen. Also the smell I mean the smell is just like chocolate which is so weird the smell is quite like a generic chocolate smell but it is still amazing. 

I bought this in the shade medium/dark as I didn't want to get a shade too light. I don't really apply a lot of this product which is why this will take me years to reach the bottom of this. It does last for quite a long time which is quite good and it does look quite nice on the skin which is something I look for in bronzers. 

Overall I do find it to be quite a good bronzer and hope to still be using it in time to come as it is such a good product. Anyway I just want to mention that I will be trying to upload every two days this is because I want to make sure that my reviews are as good as they can be so I do apologize but I will be uploading my late March Favorites tomorrow.