Birchbox 3 Months On

Subscription boxes are a weird niche, they're a nice little pick me up each month tailored to you. For me, I've always wanted to try these and for the past three months, I've been subscribed to Birchbox. Each month I've received a bunch of products and I've given my verdict on them. I thought I would review the whole service after three months of purchasing and share my loves from the boxes and the ones you could definitely miss out on. 

The boxes overall have been good, there hasn't been any in which I haven't been disappointed. The service offers boxes tailored to you, after filling out a quick questionnaire it helps to tailor the products to you. What I've found throughout the boxes is it's normally 1 or 2 products that you will receive that might be different to what other people receive. This means there isn't that much personalisation around the box and what you get. 

However, I feel like the products in there, for the most part, are tailore…

Mini Spring Boots Haul

Hello everyone

Today I am going to be showing the things that I got when I popped into Boots the other day I wen't in as they had an offer on skincare and I noticed that there was an offer on the Garnier Micellar water (link to my review at the end) it was reduced to only £3.32 which is an insane deal so I had to pick it up. However this then lead me to purchasing a few other things. 

These shameful other things were : 

Maybeline 'Baby Lips' in Pink punch - Now I already had the 'baby lips' hydrate and found that it was ok but left a greasy feeling on my lips so I decided to pick this up and try it. I find that the smell is quite like that generic sweet smell that is nice but I really expected a really nice scent.What I like about it is the color it gives off its sort of like a very pale pink but it looks really nice and I find that it lasts for a reasonable amount of time and for only £2.99 it wasn't a bad price. 

Montague Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Face Mask - Now I noticed that these were actually on offer for 66p instead of them being £1 each so I decided to get two because I love them so much they are so good for the skin and are really easy to use I find that they are just such good masks for the price and considering they were on offer why not buy two ?

Garnier Micellar Water - Now I really do love this and its no surprise , so when I saw that this was on offer I had to get it to stock up as I have about a quarter left which is surprising considering I have been using it every single day. I thought that for the new sale price I had to pick this up. 

Collection ' Primed and Ready Primer' - I found this whilst I was looking around Boots and decided to try , I had read reviews in the past of people loving this and decided to try this for myself so I will be doing a review of it soon. It was actually on offer for £3.99 instead of it being £5.99 which personally I don't think I would have paid £5.99 for this as already there doesn't seem to be a lot of it and is such a small tube but I will try it and make a review. 

Boots Tea Tree And Witch Spot Wand -

I decided to repurchase this after seeing how good it was with my spots. As I have occasional breakouts this wand is amazing for helping get rid of them and considering it had been reduced to £2.39 instead of £3.59 I was in desperate need of a new one , so to get it a bit cheaper is just even better.

So this was my mini spring Boots haul now I know its not a lot but I was just basically going in for the bare essentials and to have saved £5.55 I am pretty happy. 

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