Week 2 - One Of The Best Concealers For Under £5

Hello everyone

Today Is week 2 of my savings series in which I aim to help save over £100 by telling you about any dupes to highstreet products or any tips that can help you save money. So this week I have decided to talk about one of my most favorite things I have ever got from a drugstore which is the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer which retails for £4.19 but is sometimes on offer for £3.99

Now this concealer come in 4 shades ranging from a very pale beige to quite a 'orangey' shade. What is really amazing about this is how good it is at concealing, I find that it covers my spots up so well and lasts for about 9 hours before it looks a bit worn out. I would personally wear this over foundation as concealer is not always needed and should only be applied if necessary. 

The price is also amazing as you pay less than £5 for a concealer that is better than nearly most of the highstreet brands which to me is just amazing. I have tried several drugstore concealers such as the Rimmel wake me up concealer , and the Maybelline Fit me concealer and have not found them to be half as decent. 

Also the packaging is quite nice it doesn't look cheap or tacky it just looks right and you get so much out. I only have one problem with this which is minor as it doesn't always happen but sometimes I find that the concealer leaks out which isn't that bad but I think that they should have made the screw part a bit longer. 

Overall this is just an amazing concealer and for less than £5 its just an overall bargain. So how much money have we saved this week well we were on to about £74 from last weeks dupe so this week we have saved about £3.80 (when compared to over drugstore concealers) which I know doesn't sound like a lot but we are getting closer every week now to saving £100 as we have £70.20 left. 

Next week I will be talking about the dupes to Essie nail polishes so please if you are interested check it out and I will be back next week. 

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