Week 3 - Nicer Nails For Cheaper!

Hello everyone 

So this is week 3 of  my 'savings series' and I am currently enjoying it I personally feel like at the moment only uploading once a week has become more beneficial for me and I will be continuing to post every Friday. 

So this weeks save is on a nail polish bran I personally don't rave about enough on here which is Barry M now I have always and will be a huge fan of Barry M I find that their lip products are amazing however their face products are not as good anyway today I am going to be comparing Barry M's 'white' nail polish to the very popular but yet expensive brand Essie's 'Pearly White' nail polish. 

Now first of all yes Essie nail polishes are in bigger bottles but personally for me there is a reason for this , I find that whenever I buy an Essie nail polish and I go to use it there is always to much on the brush now I know that you can remove the excess but every single time I go to get some nail polish out of it I end up with two much which can be annoying. 

Another problem is the amount of coats I have to apply to get my desired look , with Essie I find that I have to apply 3-4 coats before it looks properly done which is annoying as with Barry M I only have to apply 1-2 coats which is probably the reason as to why Essie come in a bigger bottle. 

Also the price , Essie 'Pearly White' retails for £7.99 which for me personally is a stupid price considering how many coats I have to apply. Whereas as Barry M 'White' retails for only £2.99 - £3.99 which is a price I would definitely pay. 

So overall I personally prefer Barry M they have better shade ranges , and offer better quality nail polishes. So throughout these three weeks we have managed to save currently £29.80 which is so amazing. This week we have saved £4-£5 which may not be a massive saving but it definitely does help , this then brings our total to £65.20 which is insane considering we are only three weeks into my savings series. 

Next week I will be talking about a D.I.Y brush cleaner that will have more than one use , so please read Week 4 next week. 

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