Week 5 - Best Face Masks!

Hello everyone 

This is Week 5 of the 'Savings series' and I have decided to talk about the best face masks I have tried that at such good value for money. Now I will say that these face masks are not the absolute best but they are just as good if not better then most face masks out there. 

I have already done a review of these face masks before which I will link down below but I thought that I would revisit them and talk about the other ones I have tried. These face masks are only £0.99 which is honestly amazing considering how good they are. 

They do exfoliating,cooling, deep cleansing ,relaxing,and clay masks. I have tried all these masks and I would have to say that the best ones are the exfoliating , clay , and antioxidant masks. I feel personally that the cooling and relaxing masks are personally a waste as they are just really face masks and there is nothing more to it. 

What is really surprising is how much of a difference they make to your face , I noticed that the exfoliating masks have really helped minimize my pores but obviously they have not completely gone but It has improved how soft and healthy my skin looks. 

I would say that the clay masks have really helped with my acne , I don't really have bad acne but I do get spots that go quite big and red which are a pain but these masks have seemed to really help which is something I was really not expecting as they are quite cheap and really not mentioned a lot around the blogger / youtube community. 

I find that the deep cleansing masks really do help my skin as I have noticed that my skin has become a lot clearer and looks a lot more healthier which is something I really was pleased about and actually quite surprised. 

Overall these face masks are just fantastic , they offer great results to your face and just work so well and for £0.99 they are just so amazing. So we are 5 weeks and we have already managed to save about  £43.80 which means our current total is £56.20 which has actually surprised me as I wasn't expecting us to save this much so quickly. So this week we have managed to save around £5 (the average face mask is around £5 depending on what type) this then means that our new balance is £51.20 which is just incredible and I cannot wait to save all the rest. 

So next week I will be talking about the identical dupe to Bioderma which I just cannot wait talk about so please check back next week to see my new post! 

Thanks for reading! 

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