Week 7 - Best Drugstore Brow Pencil

Hello everyone

So for week 7 of my savings series I have decided that I would talk about a recent discovery of mine that I have been loving and in desperate need to share. This amazing product is the Mua Eyebrow Pencil. 

The pencil comes in three shades : Blonde ,Black ,and Brunette. I picked up the Brunette as it suits me better then the Blonde or the Black. I personally am not a huge user of brow pencils as I mostly use brow powder but I use brow pencil just as a go over in case I have missed something as well as to really define my brows. 

I have been using this pencil with my Technic complete brow kit using the middle shade. I find that these work so well together and really make my brows look almost professional. The brow pencil itself is such a nice shade it is a quite dark brown which can be builded into a highly dark brown so I personally wouldn't recommend this if you want fairly light brown brows. 

As you can see by the picture a lot is not required I have used a very tiny amount today and have managed to achieve pretty good brows. This is without using my brow powder. In my personal opinion I would still use powder and tone down the pencil a bit but the pencil can be used on its own and still gives a flawless brow look. 

The brush itself is also amazing. I usually use the brush before and after I do my brows just to help keep them in shape I find that this does help make a difference as my brows seem to last just a bit longer which is essentially what I want. 

Now I haven't mentioned it yet but this pencil is only £1 which is silly (in a good way) as this product is so good and lasts for ages. What is especially good is that its from Mua which I personally like especially their Lipsticks however some of their products do need tweaking but anyway. So for £1 you get an amazing pencil that can be used with or without powder and lasts for ages I don't know whether its just me but I would happily do that all the time. 

So I could go on and on about this pencil but I feel like I have said enough now. So last week our total was up to £42.19 which I am really shocked by as I didn't think we would get this far in over 6 weeks. So this week we have managed to save £4 which I know does not sound like a lot but its still something that makes us closer to saving £100. I have got a £4 saving from the average price of a Brow pencil being around £5 and considering we have an amazing one for £1 it makes about a £4 saving. This now puts our total at £38.19 which I cannot believe we have reached already. 

So next week I will be talking about my three favorite Lipsticks that are all from the Drugstores and two of them only cost £1 so stick around. And later on I will be doing a bonus post so stick around for that as well.

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