Birchbox 3 Months On

Subscription boxes are a weird niche, they're a nice little pick me up each month tailored to you. For me, I've always wanted to try these and for the past three months, I've been subscribed to Birchbox. Each month I've received a bunch of products and I've given my verdict on them. I thought I would review the whole service after three months of purchasing and share my loves from the boxes and the ones you could definitely miss out on. 

The boxes overall have been good, there hasn't been any in which I haven't been disappointed. The service offers boxes tailored to you, after filling out a quick questionnaire it helps to tailor the products to you. What I've found throughout the boxes is it's normally 1 or 2 products that you will receive that might be different to what other people receive. This means there isn't that much personalisation around the box and what you get. 

However, I feel like the products in there, for the most part, are tailore…

Week 7 - Best Drugstore Brow Pencil

Hello everyone

So for week 7 of my savings series I have decided that I would talk about a recent discovery of mine that I have been loving and in desperate need to share. This amazing product is the Mua Eyebrow Pencil. 

The pencil comes in three shades : Blonde ,Black ,and Brunette. I picked up the Brunette as it suits me better then the Blonde or the Black. I personally am not a huge user of brow pencils as I mostly use brow powder but I use brow pencil just as a go over in case I have missed something as well as to really define my brows. 

I have been using this pencil with my Technic complete brow kit using the middle shade. I find that these work so well together and really make my brows look almost professional. The brow pencil itself is such a nice shade it is a quite dark brown which can be builded into a highly dark brown so I personally wouldn't recommend this if you want fairly light brown brows. 

As you can see by the picture a lot is not required I have used a very tiny amount today and have managed to achieve pretty good brows. This is without using my brow powder. In my personal opinion I would still use powder and tone down the pencil a bit but the pencil can be used on its own and still gives a flawless brow look. 

The brush itself is also amazing. I usually use the brush before and after I do my brows just to help keep them in shape I find that this does help make a difference as my brows seem to last just a bit longer which is essentially what I want. 

Now I haven't mentioned it yet but this pencil is only £1 which is silly (in a good way) as this product is so good and lasts for ages. What is especially good is that its from Mua which I personally like especially their Lipsticks however some of their products do need tweaking but anyway. So for £1 you get an amazing pencil that can be used with or without powder and lasts for ages I don't know whether its just me but I would happily do that all the time. 

So I could go on and on about this pencil but I feel like I have said enough now. So last week our total was up to £42.19 which I am really shocked by as I didn't think we would get this far in over 6 weeks. So this week we have managed to save £4 which I know does not sound like a lot but its still something that makes us closer to saving £100. I have got a £4 saving from the average price of a Brow pencil being around £5 and considering we have an amazing one for £1 it makes about a £4 saving. This now puts our total at £38.19 which I cannot believe we have reached already. 

So next week I will be talking about my three favorite Lipsticks that are all from the Drugstores and two of them only cost £1 so stick around. And later on I will be doing a bonus post so stick around for that as well.

Links below!:

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