Miss Sporty BB Cream Review

Hello everyone 

So today I have decided to do a review on a product I  have been trying for a couple of weeks and I have finally made up my mind. Now this post is meant to be going up on Sunday but because I have a pretty busy exam week next week I will be revising all day tomorrow. Luckily I only have three weeks of exams left! (yay!)

A couple of weeks ago I was out shopping and decided that I would try a product I had heard a couple of people talking about which is the Miss Sporty BB Cream I hadn't really heard anyone absolutely love it but I have still decided to try it. So I picked up on in the shade Nude Radiance. 

First of all there are only two shades which I personally don't understand because the two shades are similar except the second one Beach Radiance is slightly darker. The BB Creams costs £3.49 which is very cheap and actually the cheapest BB Cream I think out of the drugstores. 

So the product itself is bad , I have tried this nearly everyday and It just doesn't work for me. I have tried this without makeup and even with and it makes no difference at all. Now BB Creams are meant to Brighten your skin and just make it look healthier and sort of nicer , but this one just does not do anything I even tried it in the Beach Radiance and it did nothing either. 

Also the packaging is poor every time I open it all the BB Cream just pours out and goes everywhere which is just annoying and just makes me dislike the product even more. 

Overall I am not a fan of this BB Cream , it may work for some people but for me it just does nothing and is just a waste of money for me. In terms of other BB Creams I do recommend the Rimmel BB Cream and if people want me to do a review then I will happily review it! 

Thanks for reading !

Links :  BB Cream : http://www.superdrug.com/miss-sporty/miss-sporty-bb-cream-nude-radiance/invt/622751

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