Week 9 - One Of The Best Drugstore Primers! Savings Series Finale

Hello everyone

So this week is my final week of the saving series and I just cannot believe that in 8 weeks we have managed to save nearly £100 on makeup and some skincare now I wanted to finish the series with something big now I was going to talk about my three favorite drugstore mascaras but I decided to save that for another post instead I have decided to end the series on a product that is from a brand that is highly underrated which is collection. 

So the product for the finale is the Collection Primed and Ready makeup primer , now I picked this up back in April and I have been using this product nearly every other day since and it isn't gone already. What intrigued me about this product was the fact that Collection do have some really nice makeup products which are just amazing to use and I wanted to try and find them all so I decided to try their primer. 

For me a primer is not a 'desperate' essential but I do personally notice the difference myself when I do and don't use this. The primer is meant to prep the skin and allow your skin to be smooth and even so your makeup can be applied to a 'flat base' I would say that this is quite a good thing if you suffer from bad acne. It also does one of the main things a primer should do , hold your makeup in place. Now my makeup usually lasts about 5-6 hours without it starting to go a bit but when I use this primer my makeup lasts for about 7-8 hours before it starts to go slightly. 

The texture at first is something weird though because at first it feel almost like 'slush' but when you apply it onto your face within seconds it has sunk in and has created an even base for your makeup. Also the product lasts forever (as mentioned before) I bought this in April and as we are in June the product is still there and I am not having to really try to get any product out which is pretty good for a primer. 

Lastly the price is not bad either as it is priced at £5.99 although very rarely there will be an offer. The price is pretty average and very considerable I don't find it too cheap or too expensive.

Personally I find that this is currently my favorite drugstore primer and has definitely beaten Rimmel's Fix and Protect primer as I find now that this just does everything I want and more. 

Well this has been the final week to my Savings series and I have really enjoyed doing this series. So in the end we have managed to save just over £100 in 9 weeks and I cannot be happier. So next week I will be starting another series which will be something I have created called the 8 Weeks of Drugstores. This series will be based on me mentioning a product I love from the drugstore each week so check it out next week !  

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