Garnier Pure Spot Pen Review

Hello everyone 

Today I will be reviewing a product I have had since May which is the Garnier Pure Spot Pen. I got this on the pure fact that I have been breaking out quite a lot recently and I badly wanted to try something that could help.

This 'pen' is meant to reduce the appearance of spots rapidly in just under 5 hours. I had been using this every night on any of my spots by using a very small amount of the product (as suggested) and after using it for about 3 months I can finally conclude my thoughts on this product. 

I was honestly shocked by this, the idea of the product is nice and the sense that it is meant to help reduce the spot and its appearance. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this as a product to use if you want the spot to vanish overnight. However it is very good for speeding up the process of my spots going. 

After using this product for nearly 3 months (using it everyday on any blemishes) I have found that it has been reducing my spots but in my personal opinion it hasn't reduced them that much that it makes me want to sing and dance about the product. 

Although I do still use it on my spots I just wouldn't say it is a wonder product. The price is reasonable and pretty average for Garnier as their products are always inexpensive. One thing that I have noticed is how long this product has lasted like I stated above I have been using this nearly everyday on my spots and considering you only should use a tiny bit (enough to cover the spot) I have only managed to use about half of it and I have had it for what like 3 months. This definitely impressed me. 

I just feel like this product was missing something I cannot fully explain it but the product might have been better if maybe it would help with acne scars or maybe help to reduce any redness around the spot. As for me personally it is not really the spot that is the problem it is the redness that surfaces around it , and considering I don't really want to be caking on concealer and foundation to try and hide the redness I would have loved to see this product help with the redness at least a little bit. 

Overall I am really mixed with this product it does what it says not necessarily enough to call it the  best spot treatment in the world but it does help. I would recommend this to anyone as long as they were aware that this isn't the product that will make your spots vanish instantly.

So this has been my review on the Garnier Pure Spot Pen on Friday I will be posting Week 7 of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' and next Wednesday I will reviewing an eyelid primer by Elf.

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