Week 3 - Best and Worst Nail Polish

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So today I am going to be writing about the nail polishes that I have tried and tested from the Drugstore. I have decided to mention 4 products coming from different brands as well as ranging in different prices. 

Firstly I will be talking about the nail polishes that I would consider to be the best out of the 4. These are the Barry M Gelly nail polish and the Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish. Now both of these are excellent and I honestly had a hard time deciding which of these I found was the overall best but I have come to a decision and for me it is the Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish. 

Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish (£3.69)- For me this nail polish
is better than the Barry M one this is mostly because of the drying time it literally takes around 60 seconds for it to dry which for me is something I need especially incase I need to rush out quickly. Nevertheless it also has a really nice and almost professional finish which is something you wouldn't fully expect from a drugstore. Also the lasting time is amazing I find that it tends to stay on my nails for about 3-4 days before it will have some chips but you can help lengthen the time before this by applying clear nail polish. If I apply clear nail polish over the nail the polish tends to stay for about 5-6 days. Which you cannot really complain about considering the actual price of the nail polish is fairly reasonable and it does take a while to use up the whole bottle. One that has been a favorite of mine is the one out of the Rita Ora collection entitled 'Let's Get Nude' this has such a nice and very close to my skin tone color which I find is quite a nice color for summer. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish (£3.99)- This nail polish for me is almost a slight dupe to the Gelish in the sense that it does create that 'gelly' sort of look as well as lasting quite a
reasonable time. This does appear to last longer than the Rimmel one as this tends to last about 4-6 days with or without a clear coat on top. I find that the finish is the one thing I really love about this they sort of create that almost professional look which for me is a must have considering I am not necessarily the best at my nails but I try and I feel like they look reasonable. Now the price I find is okay the bottle is an okay size but the product can tend to go funny if say you leave it for about 2 weeks and then re open. Which I don't quite understand but after shaking the bottle and giving it a minute it appears to be okay. One out of the range that I have been particularly loving is 'Lychee' which I did a review on not long ago which I will leave a link to at the end. I find that the color is quite pleasant and is sort of in between a nude and a beige I find that it's an odd but beautiful color. 

Now I will be talking about the other two nail polishes I have picked out that either didn't live up to my expectations or just didn't work in anyway shape or form. These are the MUA Nail Polish and the Technic Nail Polish. 

MUA Nail Polish (£1)- This nail polish for me was just another let down to the brand. In quite a few of my posts I have said that I have been trying to summarize my overall opinion on the MUA brand and honestly I am finding it really hard at the moment to say that this is a good brand because of the amount of products from the brand that have just disappointed me, sadly this is another one to the list. Now I will admit that the products works and does look nice but the amount of effort and problems this nail polish has is the reason why I have classed it as the one that did not live up to my expectations. Now this nail polish only came out a couple of weeks ago and after reading the reviews and seeing that people had been loving it I decided to try it. Sadly this was just disappointing I found that I had to apply nearly 3 coats to get an okay sort of look which really made me upset mostly because of the fact that the polish was very 'watery' and had hardly any color to it at all. Also it took forever to dry which I would not have minded if the product was better but I was just honestly disappointed at that stage. Lastly , the lasting time on this is awful aswell I found that it lasted for about 3 days before chipping which upset me even more and has just caused me to stop trying their products for a bit. The only one that has seemed to work rather well is the one 'Bold Blue' which is quite a light blue which could be a perfect summer color if the product worked well enough. 

Technic Nail Polish (£1.25)- This is a nail polish that I have had since around Christmas time as a friend kindly bought me a few for Christmas and after months of finally trying them I have my final verdict. They are just not good , they are very difficult and definitely time consuming. They are the type of nail polish I would use if I had all day and wanted to repeatedly keep on re-doing them. Sadly I don't want to, I find that they are too 'watery' and just don't work. Unless you want to apply an endless amount of coats in order to get a some what acceptable look. Nevertheless I am just not a fan of these polishes and I doubt I will be using anymore of them.

So this has been Week 3 out of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' I hope you have enjoyed and understood my views and maybe this has helped you define the best nail polishes to go for in the drugstore. Next week I will be talking about the Best and Worst Blushers so check it out!


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