Week 5 - Best and Worst Pencil Eyeliners

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This post today is week 5 out of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' and honestly I am kind of upset that the series will be ending in three weeks. I have really been enjoying this series and when this ends I have decided that every Friday my post will be on something to do with either skincare or makeup. I have decided that it will probably be some tips that I have and I would like any suggestions of you. I will be doing a new series probably 2 weeks after this series ends just because I am very busy this summer and I want to do some different posts. However any reviews or tags will still remain on a Wednesday and I have a tag coming up on Wednesday so check that out on Wednesday.

Anyway carrying on to this weeks post. Today I will be writing about what I find are the best and worst Drugstore eyeliners I have decided to mention 4 eyeliners. The eyeliners I will be mentioning are all pencil eyeliners and I have decided that I will leave the liquid eyeliners for next week only because I would prefer to put them into two categories. I will be including gel eyeliners in next weeks post.

I will mentioning 4 eyeliners ranging in prices as well as quality. I will be starting off with the two that I can say out of the 4 chosen are my personal best. These are the Rimmel Scandeleyes pencil eyeliners and the Mua Intense Color eyeliners. 

Rimmel Scandeleyes Pencil Eyeliner £3.99- Now these eyeliners have been talked about so much by makeup artists as well as makeup bloggers and makeup youtubers. They
honestly have to be one of the best pencil eyeliners out of the drugstore. They are highly pigmented and so easy to use they appear to glide onto the eyelid without any trouble. Also they last for ages and don't start to crumble of flake off the eyelid. Lastly, the price is just amazing I feel that is the price is almost so cheap considering the product is so good and I feel like this is something that shouldn't be in a drugstore because its as if it is a 'secret' highstreet product because it works that well. 

Mua Intense Color eyeliners £1.00- Now for once I will actually be talking about a Mua product positively. I got this eyeliner not long ago and I had been wanting to review this but I decided that as I had decided to do this weeks post on pencil eyeliners I would talk about it in this post. I may do a full review of this at some point. The product honestly is good. It lasts for long it is highly pigmented and doesn't flake or crumble. I feel like is a not as good but still okay version of the Rimmel scandeleyes pencil eyeliners. I feel like this is a perfect eyeliner if you are starting to try makeup and want to practice using eyeliner correctly. 

Sadly this is where I will be talking about the two eyeliner that out of the 4 I have not been liking as much these two eyeliners are the Barry M Kohl Pencil eyeliner and the Collection Color Khol pencil eyeliner. 

Barry M Kohl Pencil eyeliner £2.99- This eyeliner would have been in the ones that I had been loving but it is in the ones that I have not enjoyed as much because I feel like the shades that they have brought out are quite poor. I have tested all of them and honestly the pigmentation of all of them is fairly poor. Some are highly pigmented but others are barely pigmented and I feel like they really let the range down. Most of them appear to last quite long which is good but I would have preferred if they all had a good consistent pigmentation. 

Collection Color Khol Pencil Eyeliner £1.99- I picked up one of these eyeliners when I decided to try out their Supersize mascara. Honestly the eyeliner isn't bad but it doesn't really
last for long and it is very faint so it does require a lot of building up. I feel like overall the eyeliner isn't bad but it just needs a lot of building up which some people may not mind but I find that for me it is too faint. 

So , this has been Week 5 out of my '8 Weeks of Drugstore' next week I will be talking about the best and worst liquid and gel eyeliners so don't forget to check that out. Also on Wednesday I will be doing the Beauty Scenario Tag so check that out as well.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Have all of them and love them all too :D


  2. I like how you explained all the products thoroughly and you included pictures. I enjoyed the post! If you had a moment could you check out my blog!
    I also just followed you on Bloglovin, if you could do the same!

  3. Thanks! I liked you on Bloglovin as well I do this for fun really its nice to see that people are enjoying it!


  4. A few weeks ago I bought a brown eye pencil, I believe it was from Maybelline but I'm not too sure since I don't look too much at the brand :p Anyway, it's really smooth and I love it cause you can also use it as an eye shadow just by smudging it with your finger..

    If you have some time, I would love if you could check out my blog:
    INDIELLIE | life style & photography blog

    - ellie