Is It Wonder'ful ? - Rimmel Wonder'ful Mascara Review

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So today as you may have guessed from the title I am going to be reviewing the latest thing Rimmel have launched. A couple of weeks ago I received an email revealing that Rimmel were bringing out a new product and I could not wait until it came out.

To be honest I was shocked when they announced it was a new mascara. I mean I love their mascaras to pieces however I was expecting it to be maybe a foundation or a highlighter. Nevertheless, the minute the product hit the shelves I instantly picked this mascara and began to try it. 

The mascara is called Wonder'ful which is a fairly odd name however there is a reason for this (which I will explain in due course) it contains argan oil which for those unaware is mainly used in hair care. Argan oil can help condition and improve the quality of your hair. When I found out they were putting argan oil in the mascara I was sold completely.

The packaging is very 'quirky' it is very similar to the Kate Moss mascara they recently brought out. The packaging has a rusted sort of brown color which I am guessing is to compliment the fact the product contains argan oil. 

The brush is very similar to the L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara except the bristles are a lot smaller in size. For me the brush is perfect the design of it allows you to get every lash and helps avoid the lashes sticking to each other. 

When I first tested this mascara I found that it was definitely different to any other mascara its the sort of mascara that you wouldn't sit there applying for ten minutes straight. It is the sort that after 3 coats your done and your lashes look Wonderful!

The mascara doesn't flake either which is a huge bonus and it doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day which again is another positive for me as I have noticed some mascaras do tend to fade a bit throughout the day.

What is Wonderful about this is that I have noticed a difference in my lashes not a huge enough difference to say this is the best mascara ever and to forget any other mascara and only get this. But I have noticed that my lashes once all my mascara has been removed do seem to look like the argan oil has conditioned them a bit. Which isn't what I expected to find with this mascara as I thought it would just be something you wouldn't be able to visibly notice but I have seen a slight change in my natural lashes.

The only problem I have with this is that at times it can be hard to remove I have been wearing this mascara every day now for about 9 days and I have struggled trying to talk all my mascara off about twice since I have used this. I guess this shows that the mascara really does tug on to the lashes and doesn't fade or flake off. 

Overall I really am a fan of this mascara it is one that I can definitely see myself using for quite sometime. I would recommend this mascara to anyone especially people who have problems with their mascaras flaking as this one does not move or flake off all day so I would definitely
recommend this. 

I hope people have found this review useful as I am aiming to make my reviews a bit more informative about the product and give my opinion more and especially more explained. On Friday I will be posting about my current Skincare Routine and going into details about the products I am using so don't forget to check that out! On Wednesday I will be reviewing a nail polish remover product so check that out next week!

Thanks for reading!