Change in Foundations ?

Hello everyone 

Now as you may have possibly guessed from the titles today's post is not going to be a review or a part from my series instead it is something I have been wanting to make a post about for the past month and I felt like now was the right time.

So recently I had a bit of a clear up I altered my skincare routine and with that I decided to alter my makeup routine (blog post soon!) and with all this change I decided it was time for a change in products. 

One of the most crucial things I have changed is my foundation, throughout the summer I had been wearing the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and absolutely loving it. But seeing as the colder days are upon us I decided that it would be better to go with a different foundation. I chose to re-purchase one of my most loved foundations the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation.

This foundation is fairly expensive but it works for me and at times everyone needs a little luxury. But what I have been doing with this is something I am currently in the process of testing. As I am still a teen I of course have acne and a lot of redness especially on my nose so I can't always cover it up but I always aim to draw the focus away from that area. So what I have been doing is using a tiny amount of the foundation with my L'Oreal CC Anti-Redness cream as this has really been helping to cover up the redness. 

I don't know what it is but recently I haven't been wanting to use foundation but I have still wanted some sort of base for my face which is why I have chosen to pair it with a CC cream as a CC cream is basically like a foundation although there is less coverage and it aims to correct the overall shade of your face by concealing any dark patches or redness.

As expected I will report back on what I am currently doing as well as my updated makeup routine and a review of the L'Oreal CC Anti-Redness Cream so don't forget to check for them soon. On Friday I will be giving you my tips and tricks on Powders and for next Wednesday I will be reviewing a primer that was meant to be the drugstore dupe to the Benefit Porefessional so don't forget to check for that.

Thanks for reading!