Concealer - The Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone

So last week I mentioned that I had decided to do another series, and as you can probably guess I am back again this week carrying on the series. I am thinking of doing this series for the main parts of makeup like foundation, concealer, blush, and mascara. Although I haven't fully decided yet. 

This week I am writing about my personal tips when it comes to concealers. I am a personal fan of concealers I don't necessarily need a lot but I have tips on the best ones and they best way to apply them. So without further a do let's begin!

Tip 1} Use it wisely - this might sound bizarre and slightly odd but what I mean by this is that some people feel like they should use concealer everywhere and basically in other words use it like its a foundation. Concealer is only meant for areas that you want to 'conceal' (hence the name.) If you apply it all around your face it will end up looking odd and will most likely draw attention to the things you wanted to conceal.

Tip 2 } Make sure it matches - just like foundation it has to match or at least be as close as possible. Think about it this way if you wear a concealer that is too dark or too light then it will stand out and ineffectively make the things you wanted to cover stand out even more. 

Tip 3} Less is always more - now this was something I always used to do. I would apply my concealer and keep applying and keep applying until I couldn't notice what I wanted to conceal, now at the time I thought this was clever. Boy was I wrong I ended up looking cakey and not good at all. That's why when it comes to concealer and foundation as well don't assume that if you apply more it will cover it and make you look flawless, it may cover it better however the whole flawless bit yeah that won't happen. Sorry.

After giving you these tips I decided to mention the best ways to apply concealer correctly:

Apply it using a brush - with  most makeup there are of course specific brushes for each part of makeup and when it comes to concealer it is best if you are using a brush to use one that is best suited to concealer. I recommend the EcoTools Bamboo Deluxe Concealer Brush the brush is inexpensive and is fairly soft and easy to use. It is especially good for applying concealer to the inner eyelids which is one place I tend to apply my concealer to.

Apply it using a beauty blender - a beauty blender for those that don't know is a sponge that can be used to apply makeup. The special thing about them is that they are shaped to fit your hand and can be angled so you can apply the makeup in to hard to reach places. I personally would apply the concealer with the pointy part of the sponge as it allows you to carefully apply the concealer in the correct parts. The beauty sponge that I recommend is The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge  this is inexpensive and easy to use. 

Apply it using your fingers - there quite a lot of people that choose to apply makeup with their fingers which is completely fine and entirely up to them. You just have to make sure your hands are clean and that you really blend the product in otherwise it will be noticeable and therefore draw attention. 

I feel like this is a good place to stop for now, I hope people are liking this series and I am really enjoying getting to the grips of makeup and sharing my tips with you. On Wednesday I will be talking about the change in foundations that I have been having and next Friday I will be sharing my tips and tricks on powders so don't forget to check them out next week.

Thanks for Reading!