Foundation - The Tips and Tricks

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A few months back I mentioned that I wouldn't be starting another series until about October and after thinking and planning out posts I decided that I wanted to do another series. The two series that I have done have become some of the most successful posts I have done. I really enjoy the series I do and I have been wanting to do another series for ages. 

After thinking about what series to do I decided to do something I haven't really mentioned on my blog which is tips and tricks for makeup. I constantly review products but I never give the basic on how to use them correctly. 

So I am starting off with the one that in my opinion is the one thing that is the best thing to perfect which is foundation. I wear foundation on a daily basis and when I first started using foundation I had some pretty awful mistakes and as I don't want anyone else to suffer the mistakes I did I have decided my advice and tips for foundation. 

Tip 1 } It needs to match - now this is something crucial when it comes to foundation. Foundation can't look nice if it is not the right match for your skin. When I first started using foundation I would spend ages in Boots testing all the foundations on my hands and neck and I never got the right one as the minute I stepped out of the place the foundation would either be too dark or too light for my skin and then it stands out and that is never a good thing. That's why my tip especially if you are a beginner is to get it matched for you. I personally recommend No 7 there foundations are decent
quality and are reasonably priced. Now obviously you can go to places like MAC and Ysl and
Benefit and get your match there but if you are a beginner then purchasing a £25 foundation is not exactly the best thing when testing and trying to use foundation. 

Tip 2 } Less is always more - there is only so much a foundation can do, they can create a base for your face and give a reasonable coverage over spots and dark circles. But they are not concealers and do not work in the same way. If you put on loads of foundation in an attempt to conceal any spots or dark circles all you will get is a 'cakey' look which is what no one wants. 

Tip 3 } Application - now everyone has their own way of applying foundation whether it's using your fingers or using a brush or a blending sponge it is entirely up to you. However my personal recommendation would to be to use a brush to begin with. In particular the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is the one brush I love to use for applying foundation. It helps avoid the streaky lines some people can get when they use a normal foundation brush and it allows me to apply the foundation evenly and get a good amount.

Tip 4 } Blend Blend Blend - I feel like I can never express this enough but blending in a foundation is such a crucial step. You can have the best foundation that suits your skin perfectly but unless you blend it in it just won't look good at all. The main places people forget are: the neck, sides of face, near your ears, and the hairline. 

Tip 5 } Practice makes perfect - this is one statement that is said everywhere but when it comes to foundation it is definitely true. Practicing how to apply foundation is the only way really to apply it flawlessly remember you can't expect yourself to apply foundation amazingly if you never have before so practice and find a way that works for you. 

Now that I have given you my tips I have a little bit of advice which is that foundation isn't for everyone and foundation doesn't have to be a crucial thing for everyone. Most people love foundations and others hate the feel and prefer to either not wear it or use a BB cream or a CC cream and either way that is completely fine as long as you feel comfortably in your skin. And remember no one should never feel forced to wear makeup so only wear it if it makes you happy and its what you want. 

Wow I feel like that for now I have given you enough tips for foundations, I hope people are excited that I am doing a new series and I can't wait to write next weeks post. On Wednesday I will be reviewing the Revlon Colourstay Concealer and next Friday I will be giving you my tips and advice on concealer so don't forget to check them out. 

Thanks for reading!