Powder - The Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone 

It's week 3 already of my new series and honestly I am really enjoying it, I feel like it is something different as normally I mention products but this time I giving you my tips and tricks on certain parts of makeup. The past two posts have been about my tips and tricks with concealer and foundation and now I am moving onto powder.

Powder for me at times is an essential as I have fairly oily skin from time to time using powder can help reduce shine and therefore make my face look less oily. It is also an essential for when I am going out for a long day as I want to make sure my makeup stays in place and using powder helps to set your makeup and help to avoid it slipping all over your face.

First off I will be giving you my tips, if you have seen my other posts you may have noticed a slight theme in my tips but they are crucial tips that need to be noted down.

Tip 1} Less is more - a lot of the time there becomes this almost need to feel like you need to layer yourself in powder. However doing this just makes you look horrendous and makes your makeup go cakey. The best thing to do is use a little bit and the build it up to where you want it just watch how much you use at a time.

Tip 2} Choose the right shade - the best thing to do with a powder is to get it as close as to your skin tone as possible, this helps avoid any differences and won't affect the 'shade' of your face. Think about it this way would you really apply something that is too dark/light on your face ?

Tip 3} Don't apply it everywhere - this is a common misconception with powder and most makeup in general remember you only have to apply makeup where you feel you want to apply it. Powder shouldn't be applied everywhere if you only want it to hide shine, if you do want to hide shine aim on applying it only to your t-zone and your chin as this is where shine occurs the most.

Now I am going to be moving onto my tricks to applying powder. The best thing to use is a powder designed brush what I mean by this is a brush that is designed to be used for powder. This helps you from getting to much powder and spreads the powder around the face more evenly. One of my best tricks is to lightly swirl the brush in the powder and then lightly tap the brush against the powder packaging this helps to remove any excess powder and helps you to apply an even base.

I feel like this is a good time to stop, I hope people have found this post useful and are beginning to enjoy this series. On Wednesday I will be reviewing a primer that was meant to be the drugstore dupe to the Porefessional and next Friday I will be talking about my tips and tricks on mascara so don't forget to check them out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. i normally use translucid powder and It works amazing for me. Now I won't put it all over my face though hahaha thanks for the tips and tricks :)

    xx cecil