Revlon Colorstay Concealer - Review

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So just recently decided that it was time for a change, not only a change in my skincare but in my foundation and concealer. The post on my foundation change will be next week however this Wednesday I want to talk to you about a bit of a controversial concealer. The concealer that I am reviewing today is the controversial Revlon Colorstay Concealer!

I have and probably will be a fan of the collection concealer it has a dewy finish doesn't appear to shiny and blends in nicely. And I wanted to try other concealers that hopefully would match up to it. There had been a few reviews on this concealer that we stating that it was tons better than the collection one and honestly that drew me in straight away. 

The concealer comes in quite a big tube and you do get a lot of product for your money's worth. The concealer has a doe-foot applicator which allows you to apply the concealer directly onto your skin. Now this is where the problems began between me and this concealer, the doe-foot is massive I literally put the doe-foot into the inner corners of my eye and pressed it lightly onto the skin and way to much concealer came off and it was just a pain to use. I ended up having to apply the concealer onto the back of my hand and then using my fingers to apply it. 

I would definitely say this is more of a highlighting concealer rather than a coverage one, this was something I realized straight away. As I have mentioned in several posts my skin has been fairly oily lately and I have been trying to cover up the oiliness so it is less visible and sadly this concealer does not help for me it brightens the inner corners of my eyes way too much, even if I use a tiny amount of product it still manages to be too brightening and ends up drawing more attention towards the oiliness of my skin. 

The concealer does work however for highlighting other parts of my face, I noticed that if I applied a tiny amount to the tops of my cheeks it helped to highlight them and it didn't make my face look oily and helped draw the attention away. 

I wouldn't recommend using this concealer for spots just because it adds almost this instant brightness to that area and highlights which if you have a spot there that is the last thing you want to do is draw attention. 

Now I wanted to share my view on this concealer mainly because there are so many people saying that this is a better version of the collection concealer and after trying this concealer out I decided to compare to two next to each other.

The comparability between the two isn't a lot the Revlon concealer gives more of a matte finish whereas the collection one has a dewy finish. They are both easy to blend in and they actually both blend in to my skin beautifully as well. The collection concealer covers spots a lot better it helps draw attention away from the spot whereas the Revlon concealer does the complete opposite. On the other hand the Revlon concealer is a much better highlighter although it can look oily on some parts of my face it does highlight well on parts of my face like my cheekbones and the sides of my face. 

Overall I am not a 100% fan of this concealer for me this concealer could definitely be improved. I wouldn't personally recommend this to anyone that has oily skin, if however you like this concealer feel free to comment below telling me your thoughts on this concealer or any others you like.

On Friday I will be giving you my tips and trick on concealers so don't forget to check that out and on next Wednesday I will be talking about the change in my foundations so don't forget to check that also.

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