The Breakthrough In Nail Polish Remover

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As you may have seen by the title today I am bringing you a review on a product I have recently discovered that has honestly become a break through in the world of nail polish remover. Now I know nail polisher remover will never be the most exciting thing in the world but the product I am reviewing today is pretty interesting really. 

This wonder product is the Primark Nail Polish Twist Pot, this product is basically a sponge inside a pot that is soaked in nail polish remover. Now I know that was not the best way to explain the product but I honestly cannot make it any more magical than that. 

The aim of this product is too remove your nail polish remover within seconds meaning that you will no longer need to use normal nail polish remover and end up using too much or too little. As all you have to do with this pot is just put your finger in the pot and twist is around a bit and after a few seconds your nail polish is removed. 

This product is basically a dupe for the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover and it works exactly the same only it takes a little bit longer than the Bourjois one but it is still as good. However the only bad thing about the Primark one is that the smell this gives off is awful it doesn't have any delightful scent that makes the nail polish remover smell amazing instead it smells like overdone nail polish remover. 

The amazing thing about this product is that it is only £1 which is something I expected from Primark but regardless the product is just amazing and works so well and helps to keep your nails healthy. 

Overall as you can probably tell I love this product and this is definitely replacing any nail polish removers I have ever used in the past. I am honestly going to have to repurchase this the next time I am near a Primark again. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who maybe doesn't like using normal nail polish remover and wants a cheaper and cleaner alternative. On Friday I will be writing about some Disappointing products I have had to encounter and next Wednesday I will be reviewing a product I have just recently been trying which is the Boots Exfoliating Pads so don't forget to check them out! 

Thanks for reading!