The Disappointing Products I Have Sadly Encountered

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 Now as you may have guessed by the title, this post is a bit of a rant post. Now I am the sort of person that tends to try things when they first released or on offer or they are an impulse buy. So as you have probably guessed I don't always get an amazing product and I don't want other people to encounter the products that I have classed as you can probably guess disappoitning.

I have decided to mention a range of products ranging from skincare to makeup as I have definetly experinced bad skincare products. Now what I will say is that although they are a disappointing product to me they may be a great product to you this is just my opinion on the products. 

So to kick things off I am going to be starting off with a moisturizer from Boots, it's there Boots Simply Sensistive Hydrating Moisturizer now I got this as at the time my skin was really dry and I really wanted a hydrating moisturizer that would solve that and I wanted to try a bit more of Boots'
own brand stuff so I picked this moisturizer up. First of all the smell now I am not normally put off by a fragrance from a product but this moisturizer literally smells like PVA glue which quite frankly isn't something I would really want to apply onto my face. Next we have the actual product itself now I used this moisturizer for just over a month and within a month I noticed that my skin had looked fairly hydrated. However the problem I had with this moisturizer was that it felt so heavy on my skin no matter how much I applied I tried only applying it at night or in the morning but it still felt so heavy on my skin and I was just not impressed at all. 

Next we move onto a tinted moisturizer that is from Natural Collection. I have tried quite a few products of their's in the past and I have never been a full fan at all but I decided to give their tinted moisturizer ago as I didn't want to be wearing foundation this summer and for only £1.99 I wasn't really that bothered if the product didn't work. Like I just said I wasn't bothered really if the product wasn't the best but this product is literally nothing I applied it onto my face and I looked in the mirror and it had pretty decent coverage and it looked okay so I was pleased then an hour later I went to check in my mirror to see how it looked and it had all gone and I was just so annoyed because if it actually lasted it would be such a good tinted moisturizer and for the price it just would have been amazing. 

The third disappointing product is Maybelline's Better Skin Foundation, I heard so many people rave about this foundation and how much is transformed their skin and this obviously caused me to do an impulse buy. Sadly as you can probably tell this was not the foundation for me, I found that it just did not sit on my skin right it looked odd and very out of place which is something I have noticed with any foundations I try from Maybelline which is disappointing because so many people rave about how good their foundations are but they must not be good on my skin. 

This is going to be the last product I mention and this may be a bit of a shock to some people but my final disappointing product is a product that has only recently come out from Benefit. It's their 'They're Real Push Up Liner' when this first came out I was waiting for reviews to come out of people trying it as to me it seemed like an amazing product and the concept seemed really easy and the claim that it would make applying eyeliner easier is what made me want the product even more. However I didn't buy the product I personally I was kindly allowed by one of my friends to try it and honestly I am glad I didn't buy it. For me it is too fidly and definitely a lot harder than applying eyeliner normally, however when I had applied correctly it did last for quite a long time and had a nice finish however for me it was just too fidly and not really worth the hype in my opinion. 

Right now is the time to end this post here I could go on for ages about even more disappointing products but I feel like I have written enough about each I hope people have enjoyed this different type of post, on Wednesday I will be reviewing the Boots Exfoliating Pads and next Friday I will be talking about my tips on Foundations so check both posts out.

And as always Thanks for reading!