Mascara - Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone 

This week I have decided to let you all in on my personal tips and tricks when it comes to mascara. In my opinion mascara is one of the most important part of my makeup. So trust me I have some disasters with mascaras, and as I am a nice person I have decided to give you my advice on how to avoid these mistakes. 

Tip 1 } Wipe the mascara first please - now I mean this when you first get the mascara or whenever you go to apply it. The best thing is to wipe off the excess this helps to avoid the 'spider legs' as they are called which trust me no one wants. This will also help your brush from using to much mascara therefore meaning you can use your mascara a little longer. 

Tip 2 } Don't use old mascaras - mascaras aren't meant to last a lifetime (sadly) around every three months you should re-purchase a new one and replace the one you are currently using.This as upsetting as it may be you need to do it. Imagine all the bacteria that has built up in your mascara I doubt you would want to apply that to your lashes. 

Tip 3 } Practice - this comes with anything really don't expect to get that fanned almost flawless look with your first attempt practice and you will master it. 

Here is where I have decided to mix it up a bit, not everyone likes the same look with mascara I personally like mine to be fanned out but some people like it subtle. So I have decided to mention two drugstore mascaras that some of the different types of mascara looks people want. 

The fanned out look - Now there are various mascaras that do this but for me one of the ones that stands out the most is the L'Oreal Paris Million lashes mascara this is quite a lengthening and volumizing mascara that only requires two coats to achieve the fanned look you want. 

The 'classier' look - This is the look that gives off this vintage vibe and the idea of glamour and retro. The best mascara for this has to be the Rimmel Scandeleyes Retro Glam mascara it lengthens your lashes without giving off the massive fanned look, in a way its the more subtle approach to the fanned out look. 

I feel like now is a good time to stop this post, I hope people have found this useful. Next Friday I will be giving you my tips and tricks on brows in which I will be ending this series and on Wednesday I will be reviewing a heat protectant product from Tresemme.

Thanks for reading !