Superdrug Witch Hazel Mud Mask - Review

Hello everyone

So today I am going to be reviewing a face mask that I have been testing out for the past months. I am a lover of face masks I use one every week and they just benefit my skin so much. I have wanting to be trying face masks that are meant to combat acne prone skin and oiliness. I was in Superdrug when I noticed this and decided to try it out.

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It recommends that you use it a couple times a week which is what I have been doing for the past month. The mask takes around 12 minutes to dry but this all depends on how much you apply. Do remember not to layer it onto your face as it won't benefit your skin at all. The mask comes off easy but it loves my face a bit red for about 10 minutes which shows that the face mask has worked.

Recently I have had a lot of acne and i have wanted to use this mask to help soothe and calm down my breakouts. This is definitely a slow remedy so don't expect all your spots to be gone the day after you use this as it takes a while. I find personally that this just soothes my spots slightly meaning that they don't look too red and aren't as noticeable.

The price is extremely reasonable for only £2.59 you get a decent face mask that works rather well. However saying that I wouldn't put this on my list of best face masks only because it doesn't really do as much for my spots as I would like. It just soothes them a bit and nothing more really. 

This helped slightly though with my oiliness my face is not as oily as it used to be which is a positive I just feel like it doesn't do enough for my spots as I would like which is why I am not singing the praises of this face mask. 

Overall I am like this face mask but I would say it is definitely an average face masks, it does soothe my spots and has helped my oiliness slightly but not as much as other face masks I have tried before. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who desperately wanted there spots gone, just if they wanted to soothe their spots a bit. 

On Friday I am going to be talking about a perfume by Diesel I have loved for the past year and is the perfect autumn scent. Next Wednesday I will be reviewing the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation and why I haven't been loving it. 

Thanks for reading !