The Perfume I Have Been Loving For The Past Year - Diesel Loverdose

Hello everyone 

So as you can probably guessed by the title, this is going to be a bit of a review on the Diesel Loverdose perfume. Now I know that this isn't really a recent perfume but it is the perfume I have been using throughout the past year.

The perfume has quite an odd scent to it, I would say it is definitely more of an autumnal scent but it can be used all round, it has hints of Vanilla, Licorice, Amber, and Mandarin. Which I will agree does sound like an odd mix but they blend beautifully and give off a fairly strong scent.

Like I said this is more of an autumnal scent which is why I only apply about two sprays in the autumn and about 1 spray the rest of the year, this is because it is quite a strong scent you don't want it to be too overpowering otherwise you will just stink of it and that isn't very nice.

The price as well is pretty reasonable, it retails for £39.99 for 50ml which in my opinion isn't bad and considering it is a designer perfume the price is pretty good. I find that this perfume actually lasts quite a long time. I bought mine last summer and I didn't fully use it then but as I have been using it almost this entire year I am about half way which is pretty exciting.

The one thing I love the most though is the bottle, I love the deep purple color it has and it makes it quite a stand out perfume. I shape of the heart is also beautiful it suits the name 'Loverdose' I like the fact that the heart is dimensional in a way, as it ins't a smooth heart it has bits out of it that just add to making it more unique.

Overall I am a huge fan of this perfume, however I am interested in knowing what is your favorite perfume so comment down below what perfume have you been loving recently or a perfume that has been your all time favorite.

On Wednesday I will be telling you about my experience with the new Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation and on Friday I will be starting a new series in which I do a 'brand focus' and I will be starting with Rimmel.

Thanks for reading!