Brand Focus - Rimmel

Hello everyone 

A couple posts back I said that around Christmas time I would be doing another series. I have decided to do the series now and when it gets closer to Christmas I will be doing more posts related to Christmas such as gift guides and things like that. If you have any suggestions on posts feel free to comment below. 

Anyway actually getting on with this post, I talk a lot about certain products that I love and they some times all come from the same brands so I decided to do a series where I talk about the brand as a hole and mention a few little gems from the brand's range. 

This week I am mentioning is Rimmel. If you have read any of my other posts you will no it is no secret that I love Rimmel. 

For me Rimmel is one of the best drugstore brands. It is affordable and doesn't overcharge on anything. Almost all of their products are high quality and work amazing.

Rimmel was actually the first makeup brand I tried and it will probably always be one of my favorites. One of the main things I like is that they have a variety of ranges such as foundation, eyeliners, mascaras which are all high quality and affordable. 

There is however some products which in my opinion let the brand down but you would find that with every brand because not all of the products they sell might not be what you want or expect. 

I have decided to share with you some of the products I think are the real beauty gems of Rimmel:

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation £6.99 - I have been quite mixed with this foundation. There was a stage where I didn't get on with this foundation at all but I have gone back to it and I honestly love it. The foundation has a medium coverage but can be built up with concealer. The foundation lasts for around 7 hours which is pretty reasonable for a drugstore foundation.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara £6.99- This mascara is quite a subtle but voluminous mascara, It gives you small but voluminous lashes which look amazing and really stick to that retro theme. The mascara doesn't flake or smudge which is one of the great things about Rimmel mascaras it is very rare that one will flake or smudge.

Rimmel Clear Brow Gel £3.99- This clear brow gel was a recent discovery of mine. I wanted a clear brow gel that didn't cost a lot but worked well and this definitely it. At first you do need to wipe the brush as it does give you a bit too much but it goes on really well and holds my brows in place all day which is the main thing I wanted with this. And the price is even better. 

Overall I am a huge fan of Rimmel and I hope there are other people that like Rimmel. Please comment any other brands you like and maybe I will add them to my brand focus!

Anyway thank you for reading this and on Wednesday I will be reviewing a clean and clear facial scrub that is meant to help treat oily skin. On Friday I will be doing the next post for my brand focus which will be MUA. 

Thanks for reading!