Great Fall Lipstick - Topshop Naturist Lipstick Review

Hello everyone 

Today I am sharing with you the lipstick that has become my official lipstick of Autumn. I recently went into Topshop and got pulled by the beauty section. After spending about 10 minutes staring at it all I decided to try another one of their lipsticks. I have already tried Nevada which is actually not on sale anymore which I am pretty sad about as it was a pretty good nude lipstick.

I picked up a lipstick in the shade Naturist which is a nude lipstick that has a slight hint of purple in it. The lipstick has a slight hint of purple meaning that is a pretty good lipstick to use for autumn.
The one thing I love the most out of these lipsticks is that they are moisturizing and don't feel too wet on the lips which is one of my ultimate pet peeves when it comes to lipsticks.

The lipstick tends to stay on my lips for about 2-3 hours but can last longer if I re-apply it throughout the day. I mainly wear this lipstick when I go to college as I still wanna wear a lipstick but just not one that is in your face bright or too bold.

For me the lipstick is perfect it has a nude tint to it but then has that slight bit of purple that makes it a really good lipstick for autumn. The third thing I love about this lipstick is the packaging. The packaging is quite edgy and modern and it just looks nice on a dressing table or in my makeup bag. 

Lastly, the price the lipstick is £8 which is a serious bargain as for the price you pay you get a highly pigmented lipstick that is not wet on the lips but still adds moisture and it has high-street looking packaging so for £8 where can you go wrong

Overall if you haven't guessed by now I love this lipstick it works well its easy to apply and best of all its affordable.

                      Thanks for reading!