So University Is Finally Over

I've waited for so long to write this post, three years ago I was halfway through my A-Levels and I was ready to start preparing for University. It feels weird now to say that it's all over, and I can relax for a month before starting my new job. When I finished my exam I expected to have this uplifting ecstatic feeling, and I did but I was also left with this weird feeling that it's all over and that's it. It's weird when you've spent so long writing your dissertation and preparing for exams for it to just all be done, everyone finishes at different times and it's just generally weird.

But it makes me more than excited to start my new job and not to get all soppy but start a new chapter, I have a lot of good and bad memories from University. I made friends for life and also experienced parts of life I never thought I would, I always used to cringe when people said that University helped them change as a person. But I do genuinely believe it does something, …

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation - Is it really that good?

Hello everyone 

Today I am reviewing a foundation that has recently been circling the beauty community and various beauty youtubers and bloggers have been raving about this foundation. I personally had never used a max factor foundation so I was very skeptical about trying this foundation. 

Available here 

First off I got this foundation as I heard about how much people were loving the foundation and I wanted to see if I could be one of those people. I got it whilst it was currently on offer at Superdrug for £8 which was a saving of around £3. 

This foundation is brightening okay, it lumizines the skin and makes it look all healthy and glowy. But for me it doesn't do this in a nice way. I have fairly okay skin I have oily parts and a bit of acne but nothing major. 

I was expecting the foundation to have a medium coverage and honestly it has a light coverage but if you build it up enough it can almost be a medium coverage. For me the biggest problem was the brightening of it as I found that it brightened all of my face and not the parts that I really wanted it to focus. 

This is why this foundation is definitely not for oily skin, it brightens the skin meaning that it draws attention to that certain part of your skin which if it is oily you wouldn't want to be 'showing it off' to everyone.

Another thing I don't like is the texture, the foundation is quite hard and doesn't glide onto my face I have to almost tug it in a way to apply it properly. This is something I have noticed with the Maybelline Better Skin foundation which I was not a fan of at all. 

The lasting time of this is okay. However I didn't like the way it looked on my skin, as it has a light coverage and because of the fact that it is a brightening foundation it drew more attention to my spots and oily patches which is something I never want in a foundation.

Overall I am not a huge fan of this foundation, but it might be good for those of you that don't have oily skin or any acne that you want to conceal. I will admit that the foundation does brighten my skin  but it doesn't work for my specific skin at the moment. 

On Friday I will be starting my new series which is a brand focus and I will be starting with Rimmel and next Wednesday I will be a clean and clear scrub that is meant to tackle oily skin. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I wanted to try this, but the fact that I have oily skin stopped me. After I read your review I`m happy I didn`t buy, Rimmel has better foundations that are a lot cheaper.

    1. haha its okay and I agree Rimmel are such a good brand for foundations.

      Are there any foundations that you have tried from the drugstore that are good for oily skin?

      Chloe xx

  2. I was going to get this the other day but something stopped me, glad I didn't bother :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. Your welcome haha, its annoying though because of how many people have been loving the foundation

      Chloe xx


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