Brand Review - L'Oreal

Hello everyone 

This week I am doing a brand review on a makeup line that for me is almost as good as the High street makeup brands if not better, this is L'Oreal. I have been in love with L'Oreal for an awful long time yet I have never really tried a lot of their products. However the products that I have tried I have loved so I am going to be sharing with you a few of their products I really enjoy.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation £9.99 - I have mentioned this foundation before, for me this is a flawless foundation it gives a medium but build able coverage and looks nice and fairly natural on the skin. As the name suggests this is a true match I am currently using a shade that is slightly darker than my skin tone but it matches to your skin tone which is something special really. After trying this I realized that it is a dupe to the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation which I have done a post about here. Lastly the price, for just under £10 you get an amazing foundation that works almost like a high street foundation you can't go wrong really.

L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara £10.99 - I have also mentioned this mascara before but honestly I cannot talk about this mascara enough, I am a personal lover of voluminous lashes always have always will. I like them to look natural and not to look fake which is the one thing this mascara does. It doesn't clump or flake and keeps my lashes looking voluminous all day long. The mascara is easy to remove and you definitely wont be waking up with panda eyes. The price is good as for £10.99 you get an amazing mascara which works quite similar to a few mascaras I have tried from the High street. 

L'Oreal Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow £5.49 - This has become a recent lover of mine, I have been wanting to use an eye shadow that was still close to my skin tone but a slight darker. And this has been the perfect one for me I picked up the shade Vanilla which is a nice sort of tan shade which when put onto the lids blends nicely and still keeps that natural look. The price again is amazing considering it lasts all day even without an eye primer.

Overall I am a huge fan of L'Oreal and probably always will be, if you have any product suggestions feel free to comment down below and I may even review them one day. On Wednesday I will be reviewing the Sanctuary Detox Mask next Friday I will be doing a brand collection on Barry M

My apologies for their being only one Christmas related post I am in college and I am very busy I am trying to keep my blog at two posts per week so my apologies

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