Is it that good? - Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask Review

Hello everyone 

This week I am reviewing a mask that has been reviewed and mention by so many people this past year. It is the Sanctuary 5 Minute Detox Mask. The mask is aimed at people with oily and acne prone skin, and after you use it the mask is meant to help you have perfectly clean and purified skin.

The mask is a thermal mask which is not everybody's favorite. As not everyone likes the idea of the mask heating up and your skin feeling warm but the mask is meant to be on the skin for around 5 minutes in which it heats up for about a minute and then gradually cools down.

The mask is not one that you can just throw onto the skin you have to massage and work it in for it to work effectively. One of the key things is to make sure your skin is clean and free of any makeup as the mask will not work as well otherwise.

The mask retails for £10.50 which I find to be reasonable considering you get 100ml and you do not require a lot when you use it. The mask can be bought from Boots or the Sanctuary website. You can also however by a sachet of the mask. This is perfect if you just want to try it before you buy a full size. The sachet are £3 which is worth it if you only want to try the mask, the sachet are available here.  

I have used this mask several times and I would agree that it does work, after using the mask my skin feels clean and soft. However as I am a teenager and I get spots quite regularly the mask does not fully work for me. However it may work for someone slightly older who does not regularly get spots. 

Overall I do like this mask, this would benefit my skin more if I was not as acne prone as I am. I would recommend this to anyone else who has spots or oily skin or just wants a little mask to pamper there skin with every now and then. 

On Friday I will be doing my last Brand Review on Bourjois and Next Wednesday I will be reviewing Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel. 

Thanks for reading!