Good for Spots? - Quick Fix Anti-Blemish Face Mask Review

Hello everyone 

This week I am reviewing a product I have tried endlessly. I am an ultimate lover of face masks I have quite a few spots at the moment and wanted something that would help to tackle them and reduce them. After looking in Boots for a bit I came across this brand Quick Fix. 

I had never personally heard of the brand before but I noticed they did several face masks apart from this one. I decided to try this one first and then possibly try the others afterwards. This mask is a mud mask which you apply evenly over the face and leave to set for about 12 minutes. 

I have been using this for the past couple of months because I wanted to see if they helped my spots in the long run. In all honesty the mask does not work with anything. No matter how much I use or how long I keep it on for my skin never feels any better. It never feels cleaner or refreshed it feels the absolute same.

The mask is meant to help control oil and help to reduce spots. In my opinion it does neither. I have tried using this mask so many times even using it several times in the week and I just can't bring myself to like it.

The mask does nothing for my skin which is one of the biggest disappointments, if it did at least something for my skin I would be happier but for me it was just a waste of money really.

Seeing as this is my first review of 2015 I am not really happy, I was hoping to really enjoy this product but sadly I haven't for £4.99 you get a face mask which does nothing for your skin. Unless you want to waste your money I wouldn't bother with these.

This has been my review for this week, apologies for it not being the most positive of reviews. On Wednesday I will be reviewing a moisturizer from Superdrug and next Friday I will be sharing with you my late new years resolutions and what I want to do on this blog.

Thanks for reading!