The Do's and Dont's - Makeup in School/College

Hello everyone

This post is slightly different, I have started my first year of college and one of the things I notice about people is Makeup. Girls are wearing more bolder makeup and it got me thinking about the makeup things that you should and shouldn't do for school or college.

Firstly, don't use too much less is always more. When you first get makeup the temptation to apply loads and make it bright and bold is hard to resist I know but remember especially if you are at school that you don't need it to be that bold makeup for school and college really should be fairly natural with a bit something if you are at college.

Don't pay for over the price products if you have just started wearing makeup, this is one tip I cannot stress enough. If you are just beginning to use makeup do not go and waste over £20 on a foundation if you don't know how to properly use it. Use drugstore foundations that are cheaper and good quality and then build up when you learn how.

Follow the rules, at my school the rule was that makeup couldn't be extreme it had to be subtle and I will admit there were times when I wanted to come in with lipstick on and everything but you need to be respectful of the rules. As long as you keep it natural looking then they can't really complain.

Always bring a bit to touch up, now I don't mean bring all of your makeup but bring maybe a bit of concealer and powder. For me this is something I have to do as there can be times when you need a little touch up during the day so it is better to bring some to be safe.

Look around before you buy products, when I first got into makeup I went around Superdrug and Boots picking up random products thinking they would be amazing before actually seeing any reviews. Save yourself the money and look for reviews of the products look at a few as just because one person loved it doesn't mean everyone else has.

This is my last tip and really it is my advice. If you don't feel like you need to wear makeup then don't. It is your skin and you decided whether you wear makeup or not, never feel the need like you have to wear makeup because everyone else is because they may not even really want to wear makeup and just wearing it to fit in.