L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation - Review


This week I will be reviewing a foundation that I picked up a month ago it is the L'Oreal Infallible 24hr foundation. I go to college and it is very rare that my foundation lasts for the time I am there so I decided to try this and see if it lasts longer.

The foundation claims to hide fatigue and blemishes and last for 24 hours. I have been using for the whole month. The foundation is a high coverage so only a little bit is required. The foundation blends nicely into the skin it requires a little bit of work at first but then it blends in nicely.

The foundation gives a high coverage, I find that it does help hide my blemishes however there is still some redness that comes through. This can help be toned down using concealer. In terms of getting rid of fatigue it does brighten the skin but mainly hides any dark circle or dark patches on my face.

Now does it last 24 hours? No, it lasts about 5 hours then it needs a touch up. The foundation could possibly if you desperately needed to have it last for 24 hours but you need to reapply it every couple of hours.

For a so called 24 hour foundation I was quite disappointed that it would not last all day, it is quite shocking really considering I have worn foundations that have claimed to last around 8 hours that have lasted longer than this.

In terms of price it isn't bad for £9.99 you get a high coverage foundation that does cover some redness and blemishes but doesn't last for long before needing to be touched up. It is a fairly good foundation to start with. 

Overall I feel the foundation is fairly average, it works doesn't necessarily last for ages but it does work it just needs touch ups throughout the day. Compared to other L'Oreal foundations this isn't the best foundation they have brought out but it is definitely a decent one to try.

See ya!