July Favourites


This post is going to be fairly short (apologies.) I am currently on holiday for the next week and a bit and as much as I would love to just lie in the sun all day I knew that I still wanted to post whilst I am away. 

So, since I am not near my laptop or anything from home. I was limited for ideas on what posts I could do as I pretty much doing all my posts for the next week off my phone. 

Then it hit me, seeing as we are about 4/5 days into August why not do a little post mentioning some of the stuff I had been loving throughout July. 

In terms of beauty I have been fairly adventurous (pats self on back.) I have fell in love with two products in particulaR.

First up and ultimately the clear winner in my impression the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara. I have been looking for a mascara that provided a lot of volume, that wouldn't flake or smudge throughout the day. And in all honestly I had never really fell in love with Maybelline mascaras. The waterproof ones never really worked for me, they came off to easy and didn't hold a curl in my lashes for long. Well, oh boy is this an exception. Now I have fairly long lashes myself and I find that with this mascara I have to use almost one coat for my lashes to look volumised and have that natural/fake look. Anymore than one coat and it starts to get crispy and goes a bit down hill then. And like I was saying before, Maybelline mascaras tend to come off fairly easy. Yet again this is an exception, I can just about get this mascara off using an eye makeup remover oil, this was a serious shock for me especially considering the fact that the mascara is around the £7 mark. 

Brows, oh boy. My brows are in no way perfect. If I brush them in place I can get away without filling them in just about however, and this post is also going to come with a bit of advice. Don't do your eyebrows yourself, in terms of plucking/waxing etc or if you are doing them yourself pay attention. Do not make the same mistake I did and pluck them whilst watching pll because now one is slightly thinner than the other so a little bit more shaping is required. This smoothly brings me on to my second favourite of this month the Soap and Glory Brow Archery shaping and filling brow pencil. This brow pencil comes with two ends, a pencil end for filling in the brows and a more of a felt tip end for shaping the brows. In my opinion it's the pencil that sells the product for me. The shade (Brownie points) is just the right shade for me, if you have extremely dark brown hair then I suggest going over your brows a little bit with this as it does come out a bit fair when you first start applying. The felt tip end is okay, i find that there isn't much control really with it, so I could be lining around my brow making it more even and it could move a little bit making it uneven. Nevertheless both ends of the pencil work and help to make my brows look much much better. 

This is just a little insight into some of the products I have been loving throughout July. I will not be posting another post until next Tuesday as I still want to enjoy my holiday but still post. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and possibly want to try either of the products I have mentioned today. They are both inexpensive so give them try and let me know how you get on with them in the comments below or tweet me @ChloeSalins 

See you next time!