So I'm back!


It feels like forever since I have written a blog post on here and from looking back at all my old posts I came to realize that I missed blogging a lot. 

I've had a lot going on for the past few months such as college and family. General life really and I just lost the motivation to post and I hated being inconsistent so I decided to take a break and see what happened. And a few months later and I've missed it so much.

I tried to make another blog, a fresh start I guess but in reality I didn't want to leave this one. So i will be transferring my Day to day face post onto this blog and from this post, (00:10 on August 2nd) I am going to be writing a lot more posts because I want to start being consistent again.

My plan for the time being is to get two posts out a week, I don't want to be milking out any that I don't like so for me 2 posts a week is good. 

And they are gonna be different, although I will do a review each week but the second post hopefully will be something different, from a latest makeup trend or to simply just random posts about beauty. 

I am hoping to try and get back into the blogging world so I am going to be setting my new blogloving up and just trying to get back to how things were. 

If you want to possibly try and connect with me outside of blogger you can follow or tweet me on Twitter @ChloeSalins 

But I feel like for now that is all, I'm glad to be back sooo

See ya!