The new and improved infallible foundation? L'Oreal Infalliable Matte 24 Hour Foundation Review

I have never been a massive fun of the original L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour foundation. The foundation seems to feel almost sticky on the skin for a while before it properly sets in and the whole 24 hour promise just goes right out of the window. Then I heard the news that L'Oreal had just brought out a matte version of the infallible 24 hour foundation. So when I saw this in Boots not so long ago I was intrigued, was this going to be the same as the previous infallible foundation or with this being matte may it last longer on the skin?

The foundation comes in 6 shades which is slightly disappointing considering the L'Oreal True Match Foundation comes in over 10 shades. I picked up the shade Vanilla which appeared to be slightly light for my skin but I managed to make it look right by applying a little bit of bronzer like I do anyway. 

Application- the foundation goes on pretty smooth on the skin. It doesn't feel too heavy nor does it seems to drag across the skin like a lot of mattifying foundations can do. Blending it into the skin is easy and within seconds of it being fully blended into the skin it creates a natural finish to the skin. Similar to the L'Oreal True Match foundation. 

In terms of a matte foundation this does its job very well, I have fairly oily skin which can be quite severe at times. Whenever I applied this foundation it managed to hide my oiliness pretty well I wouldn't say my face was completely matte. I only needed a little bit of powder after I had applied the foundation just to help conceal any oiliness for later on in the day.

I normally applied this foundation at around 7am just before I set off for college, I found that by 12pm my foundation still looks good. I require a little bit of powder but the foundation hasn't moved or slipped off my face or anything which some foundations tend to do on me as I have fairly oily skin. 

By about 5pm after I had finished college and came home the foundation had started to move a little bit and this is really where I would need a touch up. However, usually when I get back from college I normally just remove most of my makeup as I don't really want to be wearing it around the house for no real reason. 

I did test the foundation properly for a whole week, applying it at around 7am and then checking properly again at 7pm the same night. And after 12 hours of wearing the foundation serious touch ups are then needed but I would expect that/ do that anyway. 

I am not fully convinced that the foundation can last on the skin for a full 24 hours not unless you did touch it up a few times but even at that point I would just remove all my foundation and re-apply it if I was going to be need to wear foundation for that long. 

Overall, I am fairly impressed with this foundation. It manages to conceal most of my oiliness pretty well and only really requires a touch up after about 5 hours which for me is especially convenient for me being college. 

But I want to know your comments about this foundation. I wouldn't count this fully as a wonder foundation but it is certainly good. Let me know down below how you found this foundation or if you have any foundation suggestions for me.

Until next time, Chloe