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My Goals Til The End Of The Year

WOO, I'm back, it feels weird having a bit of a break. But in all honesty it was very overdue, I'm the kind of person that finds themselves running on empty quite a bit. It's something I don't want to be like obviously, but I'm very much an 'oh well I'll find time for a break later on' rather than at the moment when I need it. It's not exactly been a relaxing sit around do nothing, it's been more of a right I have a new job so my attention needs to be on that, I'm in the world of 9-5 so it's taken me some time to find my feet and get settled into the new routine. 

But I feel like I've got there now, I actually do 7 hours a day so my trick to combat that is to do add an extra hour onto my day to go to a cute cafe and get some blog posts done. And with that, I wanted to set myself some goals so that this break and time to think was for more than my return post. My blog has been very up and down over the years, it's had an up and dow…

September Loves - Makeup and Skincare

Apart from clothes, September has also been the month when I have started to invest into some new makeup and skincare. Going into different brands and really 'testing the waters' with new makeup looks.
Up first, is one of the products I have probably been impressed with the most. Not just because of how good the product is, but how much I actually doubted it. This is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Eyeliner.  This black felt tip eyeliner claims to stay for 24 hours creating a jet black look.
Now, I am not an expert on eyeliner or how to apply it properly yet. But this is honestly great, I find that it isn't one of the easiest eyeliners to apply especially if you are just a beginner. However, the intensity of this is great I find that as long as I don't apply it too fine the color payoff is jet black which honestly was something I wasn't expecting. For £2.99 I was expecting it to be flaky, smudge easy, and not to be very black at all. I was so wrong, this is handy if y…

September Loves - Clothes

This past month has been a whirlwind of things going on. From starting my final year in college to landing a permanent job everything has been everywhere and my routine has been flipped upside down.
I have done an awful lot this month, not just in terms of college and work but with myself. My confidence for some reason seems to have been boosted massively throughout this month. From this a lot of me has changed, from my clothes to how I now do my makeup. Narrowing it down to the things that have impressed me the most this month, I will be breaking down all my September loves in separate categories. 
So starting with clothes, I have become a lot more adventurous with my style. After losing a lot of weight, I have felt more confident in wearing clothes that may be a little tight on my skin. Avoiding all the simple tops and jeans I used to wear. Delving into skirts and dresses that still cover my body right. 
One skirt in particular is this burgundy leather skirt from New Look, I have alway…

All Day Primer? - Max Factor Finity Primer Review

Primers have been the one makeup product I had never really paid attention to that much. It used to be the one step I skipped most days. I never really understood the benefits of a primer if I had already just applied a moisturizer. 

However, I was noticing that my concealer/foundation just wasn't lasting as long as it really should. And after watching several videos everyone suggested primers. So there I was back to trying primers again.

Primers essentially, are something you apply after moisturizing your face to help to create a smooth base for your base as well as trying to increase the longevity of your makeup. I wanted a primer that I would make sure my makeup lasted the whole day through college. 

I decided to go for a brand I had never really tried before. Max factor, from the products I had previously tried I wasn't really that impressed so I decided to try one of their newest primers. This is the Max Factor Face Infinity Face Primer

This primer includes an SPF 20, claim…

Love Your body

Today we can spend so much time idolizing celebrities such as Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian. Admiring their 'flawless' bodies and effortlessly beautiful face. We start to forget about our real beauty and focus on all the negatives in us. 

I speak from experience with this, I have spent days looking in the mirror hating the body that I have. But I have never been one to just walk away from the mirror and do nothing, I got up again and made a plan.

If I wanted to be more confident with my body it was time to treat it with some tlc. I am not asking to become the next Kylie Jenner just to become a more confident me. Confidence can't be achieved by doing a few steps it has to come within. Whether this is wearing clothes that compliment your body more or by exercising more and looking after yourself better.

This is what I started to do, I have never really had time to sign up for a gym so I didn't want to get heavily involved in exercise. I mainly focused on my diet, I was so …

That Dream Matte Finish? - NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray Review

Setting sprays have always been a hit and miss for me, I have never really understood how do they work exactly. How does spraying almost water onto your face help your makeup from moving? Either way I have only ever tried one up until now and that was the MUA setting spray when the brand first launched and honestly I noticed nothing changed when I applied it. My makeup still moved and if anything it made my makeup worse.

Putting that disappointing product aside I decided to try a few more setting sprays to see if they do potentially work. NYX has always been a brand I have wanted to try so bad, their blushes looks phenomenal as well as the lipsticks. But I have never really felt a real nice to get some, so I decided whilst in Topshop to look at the makeup they had there from NYX.

The first thing my eyes laid on was this the NYX 'Matte Finish setting spray' which claims to help keep the face Matte so any oil or shine is kept on the down low. It is meant to be long lasting so I ca…

The Cutest Pink/Red lipstick? Kiko - Rebel Romantic Collection Lipstick Review

Kiko has never been a makeup brand I have leapt for. I have always felt that when I began to start wearing makeup that all their stuff would be too fancy for me. That I would just be wasting money on a product I wouldn't know how to use properly.

However, whilst I was on holiday recently I came across one of their stores. And after walking round for about an hour. I felt like I was in heaven. From their single pigemented eyeshadows to the highlighter I am still sad about now. Every product just seemed to be perfect for me.

I decided to buy two products, just as a test for the brand. I didn't want to go crazy on products I hadn't read up on; so I went for two lip products. A limited edition lipstick and a lip liner. Today I will just be reviewing the lipstick as I am still yet to properly try out the lip liner.

The lipstick is limited edition from their new collection 'Rebel Romantic'. The collection includes 6 new products, all packaged in this divine rose gold pa…

Best Drugstore Contour Kit? - Maybelline Master Sculpt Controur Kit Review

Contouring has never been my strong point. I have always struggled trying to get it right. From my face looking more orange than the blogger icon to highlighting so much it's as if a light is constantly shining on my face.

I used to use the Bourjois bronzer and highlighter set but I found that after a while, the bronzer just wasn't as pigmented as it used to be. And my idea to get a new contour set was fully influenced by a few haul videos I watched. With everyone starting to mention a new bronzer and higlighter set to hit the shelves. From Maybelline comes the new Master Sculpt Contour Kit including a bronzer, highlighter, and mirror compact with a brush (in the shade Fair.)

The packaging for the product is simple, I am not a huge fan of the writing at the front as it does give off this cheap look to the product. However, the actual packaging itself is convenient, it comes as a little box almost that is quite compact so you would be able to just throw it into your bag without i…

One easy way to a cateye - Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Review

Eyeliner is that one part of my makeup I am still working on. I am trying to see exactly what look suits me. Is it the thick eyeliner or a thin and simple cat eye. As I am in no way a professional in eyeliner yet I didn't want to buy a high street eyeliner until I was confident enough that I could do eyeliner properly. 

After watching videos about the best eyeliners in the Drugstore I decided to go for the Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner as I had heard so many good reviews of this. It is in the shade Carbon black which claims to be as dark as possible.

 The tip of the pen is fairly thick, so if like me you are hoping with a fine line you need to try exceptionally careful that it isn't too thick. However, the liner glides on effortlessly and I would say that depending on how hard you press the liner on your eye you don't normally need to go over it.

I ultimately am looking for a liner that won't smudge or fade throughout the day as when I am at say work or college I don&#…

The Wonder Brow Product - Soap and Glory Brow Archery Review

If there was one part of my makeup that I wish I could do perfectly straight away, it would probably be my eyebrows. My eyebrows like the famous saying go are sisters, they are in no way twins.  So with this problem I have been dying for a brow product that is a pencil and a liner, I didn't really want them individually as it would work out more expensive than buying them as a duo set.

After looking round Boots for an hour I came across this, the Soap and Glory Brow Archery brow pencil and liner. This has a crayon/pencil end which is made for filling in the brows and on the other end it comes with the precision liner which helps to bring the brow all together in line. 

There are two shades with this product, Brownie points which is the one I have. This is a fairly light brown but it can be built up quite quickly to a much more darker shade. The other shade is called Love is Blonde which I did swatch whilst I was in Boots. This is a fairly light blonder shade which could potentially …