Birchbox 3 Months On

Subscription boxes are a weird niche, they're a nice little pick me up each month tailored to you. For me, I've always wanted to try these and for the past three months, I've been subscribed to Birchbox. Each month I've received a bunch of products and I've given my verdict on them. I thought I would review the whole service after three months of purchasing and share my loves from the boxes and the ones you could definitely miss out on. 

The boxes overall have been good, there hasn't been any in which I haven't been disappointed. The service offers boxes tailored to you, after filling out a quick questionnaire it helps to tailor the products to you. What I've found throughout the boxes is it's normally 1 or 2 products that you will receive that might be different to what other people receive. This means there isn't that much personalisation around the box and what you get. 

However, I feel like the products in there, for the most part, are tailore…

One easy way to a cateye - Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Review

Eyeliner is that one part of my makeup I am still working on. I am trying to see exactly what look suits me. Is it the thick eyeliner or a thin and simple cat eye. As I am in no way a professional in eyeliner yet I didn't want to buy a high street eyeliner until I was confident enough that I could do eyeliner properly. 

After watching videos about the best eyeliners in the Drugstore I decided to go for the Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner as I had heard so many good reviews of this. It is in the shade Carbon black which claims to be as dark as possible.


 The tip of the pen is fairly thick, so if like me you are hoping with a fine line you need to try exceptionally careful that it isn't too thick. However, the liner glides on effortlessly and I would say that depending on how hard you press the liner on your eye you don't normally need to go over it.

I ultimately am looking for a liner that won't smudge or fade throughout the day as when I am at say work or college I don't really have the time to be touching up my makeup. I found that I could wear this for a full 10 hours possibly more without it smudging, it just stays on my eyes all day. 

When I am removing my makeup, this comes off straight away meaning that if you ever decide to go into a pool with even a tiniest bit of this on. It will be off and smudged within seconds; something I found out within hours of being on holiday.

The eyeliner retails for £6 which is not only good price for a drugstore eyeliner but for a Soap and Glory product in general. When I noticed the price I wasn't expecting this eyeliner to be that good but it is possibly one of my favorites out of the whole Soap and Glory makeup range.

Overall, this has possibly been one of the easiest liquid eyeliners I have tried. It goes on effortlessly, it can be thin if you have the expertise or thick if that is what you prefer. I can definitely see this being a favorite of mine for a while. But I would still love to hear some of your suggestions, if there are any eyeliners or other products you would recommend feel free to comment down below or tweet me @ChloeSalins.

Until next time, Chloe!


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